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2017 best smart watch inventory

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          Unlike smartphones or other smart hardware, smart wearables have gradually entered a period of stabilization after a period of rapid early growth. In this brutal market christening, a lot of the once-fledgling giants have already exited. Smart watch inventor Pebble and smart bracelet ancestor Jawbone fell in this war. Most of the smart watch makers who survived the disaster have also been mostly calm down . So compared to the first two years of flourishing, smart watch products in 2017 is relatively more rational restraint. Love to engage in a joint Lei Feng network has recently opened the 2017 best smart product selection, welcome readers to vote, let's take a look at 2017 which several smart watches the most popular.

Apple Watch Series 3
          Apple Watch Series 3 By far the biggest star in the field of smart wearable apples, Apple has become an avid player in smart wearables and its eco-chain makes Apple Watch seamlessly linked to other Apple devices. Apple Watch Series 3 is still available in 38mm and 42mm two sizes, and a variety of colors, versions for consumers to choose. After several generations of development, Apple Watch has been quite perfect. Horizontal screens, navigation, stand-alone wifi, standalone applications, Taptic Engine, Digital Crown, gyroscopes, heart rate sensors, microphones, etc. Apple Watch may not be the best in active smartwatch but it is still the most competitive one paragraph.
LG Watch Style
          Unlike Samsung's efforts to develop its own Tizen system, as a staunch supporter of the Android Wear camp, LG's Watch Style is a masterpiece of the Android Wear camp and the first smartwatch to feature Android Wear 2.0. Circular dial, exquisite workmanship, simple design, different from many smart watches mechanical wind technology, this smart watch closer to the conventional watch design. In addition to simple and exquisite styling, the body size is only 42.3 * 45.7 * 10.8mm LG Watch Style is currently one of the smallest smart watches in one of the models.
Samsung Gear S3

          While strictly speaking, Gear S3 is not the product of 2017, it is still the flagship model of the current Samsung smartwatch. Unlike other Samsung smart watch products, S3 has a very high color value, full texture, not only the smartest Samsung watch so far, the smart watch on the tide of S3's appearance is still very good. Although still using the Tizen system, but Samsung has done a lot of improvement, Gear S3 in interoperability has a very good performance. In addition to the touch screen, S3 can also be operated by rotating the bezel, which is the current mode of operation of smart watches, compared to the touch can be more precise control, quite practical.
Huaiwei Watch 2 Pro
          After the major mobile phone manufacturers have launched their own smart watches, Huawei also outdone, since entering the field of smart watches, has been insisting on a circular dial design, Watch 2 Pro is no exception. Different from the previous several products, Watch 2 Pro uses a more graceful and elegant traditional watch design, the fuselage part of the 316L stainless steel, bezel ceramic dial, combined with leather composite strap, the overall texture is excellent. Specifications, Huawei Watch2 Pro uses a resolution of 390 × 390 1.2-inch AMOLED screen, with 326PPI, Corning Gorilla glass, the display is quite good. Processor for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 processor, with 768MB RAM +4 GB ROM.
Fitbit lonic
          As one of the most massive companies in the wearable smart device market, Fitbit certainly does not want to overwhelm the market and lonic is their latest genre. As an alternative to Blaze and Surge, the lonic is an all-encompassing smart watch that continues Fitfit's consistent design and overall approach to Surge. The rubber strap has a square dial design and a sporty watch Fan children, but not so smart watches. However, aside from appearance, purely on the record of sports functions, lonic is almost unmatched, built-in accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS, to track the wearer's walking steps, distance, calorie consumption, altitude and so on.
Withings Steel HR
          Steel HR still retains Withings unique design, but also the smart watch list of the most special one, unlike other products that are through the screen as a display medium, Withings Steel HR is a combination of traditional mobile phones and smart watches, mechanical Eyepiece dial as a display, as a percentage of the amount of exercise. However, compared to the previous two generations of "mechanical" to the extreme Activite series, Steel HR in the dial joined a circular eyelid display, you can display heart rate, number of steps and other information, which finally allows Withings a trace of "smart watches Shadow. But overall, it is still the charm of traditional watches, users do not have to worry about looks like a "digital watch."
TicWatch E
          Speaking of domestic brands in the masterpiece, TicWatch from outside the door can be described as doing my part, as one of the best Chinese voice recognition company, go out to ask nearly two years in the smart watches and smart speakers made a lot of ground, not only with Google Launched TicWatch E / S with Android Wear and TicHome Mini with Google Assistant, is the closest Chinese vendor to partner with Google in the smart device space. However, in addition to Google version, it also insisted on the development of independent intellectual property rights system, its domestic version of TicWatch will carry its own system. Although the state-run version of Google's ecological chain without the support, but the functional terms of the smart watch, TicWatch is still out of the right.
          Fit-Watch was not mentioned in this article because Fit-Watch is a new brand. Before the smart wear industry has been doing behind-the-scenes work, to major companies do OEM and ODM. It has only started producing its own brand in the last two years, but it is still one of the smart wearable manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta.

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