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2017 smart watch industry review

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          If the 2012 pebble release ink-screen smart watches as the first year of smart watches, Android Wear and Apple Watch in 2014 released one after another as a real outbreak of smart watches, smart watches unknowingly have spent with us 5 years. However, if the traced back to the source, Pulsar Time was introduced in 1972 with a calculator-like shape, showing the era of intelligent watch understanding, the hope for future life.
iWatch VS Androidwear
          In the Android Wear and Apple Watch have set off waves in the market, the next did not develop to manufacturers want to see, and gradually formed a manpower situation of a smart watch. On the contrary, compared with smartphones, which are hopeful to manufacturers and are fully functional and integrated into the daily life of mass consumers, smart watches have more surprises and more revealing their shortcomings in use. Five years have passed, whether the smart watch has "suddenly everyone else," let us give it a "cool" to give it? Let's start with a set of data.
IDC date
          By 2016, smart watches have experienced a dramatic drop in data compared to 2015, which is a triumph of smartwatches. According to IDC's data survey, the data of Q1 ~ Q3 were 19.7 million, 3.5 million and 2.7 million respectively, down by 32.2% and down by 51.6% over the same period of 2015 respectively. Perhaps the downturn in smartwatches is too serious, so by 2016 Q4, IDC began to count smartwatches into smart wearable devices.
IDC Q2 data
          However, from Q4 in 2016 to Q3 2017, the year-on-year growth rate did not bring impactful data to the market. From Q4 2016 to Q4 2017, yoy growth was 17.9%, 10.3% and 7.3% respectively. Shrinking data makes people not only smart watches, but also for the smart wear industry began to decline. If we say that we are excited about the 2017 Q2 data, we can see the first decline in wearable device sales data that can not run third-party applications, but the 0.9% yoy decline is not much impact.
smart watches
          In a severe market situation, the launch of new smart watches this year also slowed down accordingly. In addition to Apple's significantly improved Apple Watch 3, Samsung also introduced Gear Sport, which emphasizes athletic performance, as well as a new product that emphasizes athletic performance and has always focused on outdoor digital products. Domestic manufacturers, with HUAWEI WATCH won the market hot Huawei, but also iron out hot launch of WATCH2, Wami and CD-1000 yuan new product launch, but also attract the attention of the market. However, the enthusiasm of the market for smart watches, has long been no passion.
          After Apple Watch and Android Wear market after a period of triumph, perhaps because of the shape of the smart watch and the features it carries, after all, could not be replaced by fresh, the product is far less competitive smart phone smart phone face do not know when Is the end of the winter, let alone become a strong point of performance manufacturers. Separated from the phone is basically equal to the smart watch can not live, basically is a cool state. The only one that still survives is the Apple Watch, best known for its eco-circle.
          Even though the brand that pushed smartwatches first is not an Apple, consider the impact of Apple in the industry, as well as the impact of each product launch on market development and consumer choice, the launch and sale of Apple Watch has long been on the market for smart watches The guiding role. For other competitors, Apple Watch how much the development will be jewel.
iWatch 2
          At the official launch of Apple Watch 3, Cook said Apple's Apple 2 released a 50% year-on-year increase in sales and 97% customer satisfaction. Even Cook claims that Apple Watch has overtaken Rolex, Fossil, Omega and Cartier as No. 1 (not smart here) watch product line. For Apple, although Apple Watch did not reach the height of the iPhone and MacBook, but in the post-Steve Jobs era, whether it is for the Apple or the entire smart watch market, is still considered a successful single product.
          However, this is quite a success from the sales data to see a single product, in fact, is a slippery. As we all know, Apple Watch 3 at the beginning of the listing for consumers in some areas of China Unicom's eSIM cellular network support. Although eSIM was not uncommon, many of the early years of using the "burning number" technology used in cell phones using telecommunications networks were rooted here, but Apple Watch was finally able to support communications, even though its functionality was limited Consumer welcome.
          After a short period of service, China Unicom closed the opening of the cellular network of Apple Watch 3, and Apple also set up its official website to support the cellular network by the end of 2017. In the face of consumer outrage, Apple agreed to return the purchased Apple Watch 3 cellular version of the user. Rare in the press conference to make consumers interested in the selling point, eventually unexpectedly came a bouncing time, can not help but make people feel the spring of smart watches or did not come. When the industry giants Apple suffered product features in Waterloo, how consumers continue to have the look of smart watches do?
smart phone
          Although Apple Watch has begun to functionally seek a breakthrough that does not satisfy itself as a feature-rich second screen, in contrast to smartphones that are almost omnipotent in work and life in the midst of network accessibility and battery life, Smartwatches still have not found a place for their own.
Snapdragon 810 Processor
          From the consumer's point of view, mobile phone manufacturers have introduced the size of each screen mobile phone, has been able to achieve "a carrot pit" like, well fit each user's habits. CPU better control of energy consumption, the dual photo of the gradual popularization of promotion, all kinds of work and life needs of the software, so that consumers are willing to handsets in various occasions are in hand. Smart watches face not only the use of compressed scenes, compared with the operating costs of mobile phones, but also make it difficult for the development.
smart watches
          Smart watches in the positioning and function of embarrassment, but also allow manufacturers to promote product upgrading gradually lost interest. After the battle with Apple Watch, Android Wear camp's input and output is declining, and now is still relatively active in the traditional mobile phone manufacturers, also left Huawei and Samsung. Big manufacturers to update the attitude of daily treatment, small teams can not produce a breakthrough product, so that Apple with Apple Watch brought greater advantage. Will the future of the smartwatch market be the case for only Apple Watch and other "smartwatches" as tablets do?
IDC report
           According to IDC's data, global smart wearable devices shipments in the first three quarters of 2017 amounted to 77.3 million units. Therefore, it is estimated that there will be 116 million units shipped in 2017. By 2021, global shipments of wearable devices will reach 252.3 million units. IDC still gives such a rosy forecast given the slowdown in data growth for smart wearables, apparently for the smartwatch market represented by Apple Watch in the context of declining sales of smart wearable devices that can not install third-party programs Optimistic.
smart watches
          IDC's predictions and the reality of the final agreement, we can not pass through to the future to see. Smart Watch 2018 manufacturers in all walks of life lack of stamina, the market began to stabilize the situation, it seems difficult to have a major change occurred. If the smart watch is difficult to get rid of the "second screen" in a short time positioning, perhaps the first practice of internal strength is a top priority.
smart watch
          The primary task of practicing internal strength, life is the top priority. When the smart watch can make people forget the feeling of charging, perhaps consumers will find it convenient and quick, willing to wear the product everyday. On this issue, a series of light-weight watches designed by traditional watch manufacturers is a good example, although this will make many consumers think it is not a smart watch.
          After solving the problem of battery life, manufacturers should popularize more comprehensive and efficient communication functions. Later, they combined mobile phone functions to make extensions to mobile phone functions so as to enable users to subconsciously reduce the time spent using smart phones, which actually played an alternative role. Apple's Apple Watch 3 achieved, it is this idea. However, the future of the smart watch will be like, of course, hope that manufacturers can jump out of these ideas, once again brought us amazing.
          Smart watches manufacturer-Dongguan Fit-Watch reports.

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