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1.23-inch color Amazfit Cor smart bracelet

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          Official website of Xiaomi Amazfit Cor smart bracelet, cheetah black, dolphin gray, betta red, four kinds of color parrot blue.
Amazfit Cor smart bracelet

          Appearance, the Amazfit Cor smart bracelet using a 1.23-inch color IPS LCD screen, the official said the smart bracelet is still composed of smooth and beautiful surface, the front with 2.5D glass with MIM technology integrated 316L stainless steel shell, in order to bring out the beautiful side arc, stainless steel shell to achieve a combination of sandblasting and polishing effect.
          Functionally, Amazfit Cor supports a wealth of information display, lift the wrist can be bright screen, finger fingertip touch operation smart wristband can be smooth. You can read WeChat content, mobile short messages, QQ messages, real-time weather forecast function 7 days weather changes, there are practical gadgets alarm clock, stopwatch, countdown and so on.
Amazfit Cor smart bracelet

          In terms of mobile payments, Amazfit Cor smart wrist supports Alipay offline payment, lightly lift your wrists to complete the payment.
Amazfit Cor smart bracelet

          In addition, as a sports bracelet, sports steps, calorie expenditure, exercise heart rate, sleep monitoring, 50 meters waterproof and other functions are fully supported.

C12 smart bracelet-Dongguan Fit-Watch

          Recently, Smart bracelets manufacturer-Dongguan Fit-Watch launched a new smart bracelet-C12 ECG monitoring smart bracelet, which uses the IPS backlight color screen, higher than the Amazfit Cor's screen. Not only that, C12 with ECG monitoring function, can store 7 days of data and generate reports that can be provided to the attending physician to see, more care of your health.

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