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Apple Watch will soon provide swimmers with radio navigation information

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          According to foreign media SlashGear reports, Apple Watch may soon tell swimmers where to use radio navigation technology to find out their location. Apple this week won a patent on "swimmer's radio navigation." This is probably the first time a smart watch has used this technology, which is unique for any smart watch or wearable device.
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          Apple gave some hints about the technology as early as September 2016 when it debuted the Apple Watch Series 2.
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          In the patent, Apple describes how mobile devices can be configured to use radio frequency signals to estimate their own location. The position of the watch on the wearer's arm will be taken into account. Swimmers using the 2nd and 3rd generation Apple Watch already know that the device is able to tell them a rather surprising amount of accurate information about their swimming practice.
          According to Apple's instructions, Apple Watch can provide information about the speed and distance of a fitness application. The system also provides vibration feedback to users to let them know when they deviate from the lane. The system will use a variety of potential sources, such as wireless local area networks (WLANs), cellular towers or other near-distance RF sources.
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          The latest version of Apple Watch currently uses gyroscopes and accelerometers to track every stroke in the water. Swimmers can use both techniques to monitor each stroke. Apple Watch also uses GPS - but GPS does not work well when the device is underwater. As a result, information collected from other sensors in the device is also utilized - the entire message is encapsulated into Apple's algorithms to show what happened, when, where, and how it happened.
         Smart watches manufacturer-Dongguan Fit-Watch reports.

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