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Apple Watch yet another new skill Apple is developing heart monitoring

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          Apple Watch, a smart wearable device, has been well received by health-conscious people and Apple intends to make the Apple Watch a quasi-healthcare smart device. According to Bloomberg reports, Apple will be equipped with a new sensor for the future of Apple Watch models, will be able to continuously detect the EKG.
          Allegedly Apple is testing this feature on the Apple Watch, the user can pinch the Apple Watch on both sides of the dial with two fingers, Apple Watch will detect the heart by sending an unpredictable current to the human body Active electrical signals are used to detect any anomalies that may occur in the heart. This feature is also medically common EKG (electrocardiogram) test.
          EKG electrocardiogram is generally measured in the hospital's professional equipment, there are also some EKG monitors on the market, but this function can only be used on professional equipment. If the new Apple Watch can carry this feature, then no doubt Apple Watch will become a quasi-professional health care equipment, will receive more people's attention.
          If the Apple Watch is to be equipped with the sensor, it means the quasi-medical device will be subject to FDA regulation and will go through the FDA approval process. Cook said he did not want Apple Watch to go through the FDA approval process, but if Apple really intends to make Apple Watch into a quasi-professional medical equipment, then this process is probably hiding.

          The so-called EKG is what we usually say ECG, but the American name is not the same. In fact, this feature Dongguan Fit-Watch ECG monitoring function has been introduced earlier which model number is F16 ECG test smart bracelet, as follows:

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