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Body temperature charging smart watch Matrix PowerWatch X appearance CES

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          When many people think that smart wearable technology has stagnated, a company called MatrixIndustries a year ago, developed a smart watch called MatrixPowerWatch, this watch is unique through the wearer's body temperature Charging the watch, from the frequent smart charging watch troubled.
MatrixPowerWatch smart watch
          Have to say that in previous CES Electronics, there will be refreshed people's perception of the product, but MatrixPowerWatch is the author has seen one of the most challenging and future products. Through thermoelectric technology, the human body temperature can be used to charge the watch, it can be said that the watch has been the eternal motivation. Not only that, as a smart watch, MatrixPowerWatch also supports tracking the number of steps, calorie consumption, sleep, 50m waterproof and so on, the most important is that it also opened up a dual platform for Android and iOS.

          Today, CES2018, MatrixIndustries and a step further, released the MatrixPowerWatchX new smart watch, MatrixPowerWatchX than MatrixPowerWatch, an upgraded version of the SmartPowerWatchX more intelligent, MatrixPowerWatchX looks like Casio's G-Shock in appearance, while retaining all the features of MatrixPowerWatch basis On top of, added by measuring the body's power output accurately calculate the calorie consumption.

          Matrix founder said that the upgraded version of MatrixPowerWatchX 200m waterproof, charging in the body can maintain two years of life, and will not lose data. MatrixPowerWatchX now also supports cell phone information notification, which costs about $ 249 (MatrixPowerWatch is $ 199).
          Smart watches manufacturer-Dongguan Fit-Watch reports.

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