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Buy smart bracelets, you need to understand and consider these

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          How many steps a day to walk, how long to sleep, the overall physical condition? Perhaps you usually have some attention to your daily routine, but the daily life, attention is still not invested too much.
heart rate smart bracelet
          Buy a Smart Bracelet Although you can not get you physically active when you're under-exercised, the information it records reveals your real life in front of you, to remind you that you really should rest on the rule Exercise.
          Have you care about these data?
          As a smart product to promote healthy life, sports bracelet is not as smart as the smart watch, but the function is simple and clear to meet the user's health monitoring needs.
          It is not just your running data record and upload, it is the most important function of exercise, sleep and heart rate monitoring.
sleep monitoring smart bracelet
          Exercise can be used as a reference for caloric intake, to avoid underreaction while excessive intake of fat (weight to maintain homeostasis: basic metabolism + daily activity + exercise = calorie intake).
          Sleep monitoring can remind the proportion of deep sleep, allowing users to better arrange sleep time (medicine shows that cerebral cortex cells in deep sleep in a state of adequate rest, can effectively eliminate fatigue, energy recovery, immune disease resistance, deep sleep accounted for 25% optimal).
          As for heart rate monitoring, its role is long-term, long-term accumulation of user daily and exercise changes in heart rate in different states, data analysis found that underlying diseases is also its place to play an important role.
Sports bracelet added more accessibility
          For sports bracelets, the above three functions can be said to be essential, but sports bracelets are also constantly improving. For example, the current life is generally increased to 7 days or even longer 20 days (more functions more naturally shorter life time), fit the user's habits to join the touch-screen switch control, a clear screen to remind the call, the message push and mobile phone to find .
F10 heart rate smart bracelet

Focus on sports:F10 heart rate smart bracelet

F16 ECG test smart bracelet

Focus on health:F16 ECG test smart bracelet

          If you are still tangled sports bracelet is not practical? Honestly, it is itself aided by location. If you are not concerned about exercise, sleep, heart rate, then you do not think too much. And if you are really interested in being healthy, it has already presented your real life status to you, and the exercise continues to be lazy and your health is your own responsibility.

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