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T90 Smart Watch - Continuous monitoring of blood oxygen, real-time health status

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          For health, there is an indicator is very important, that is, blood oxygen. Oxygen is popular in the blood oxygen, people rely on oxygen to survive, oxygen inhalation from the lungs, the oxygen through the capillaries into the blood, by the blood transmitted to various parts of the body organs or cells.
          The higher the oxygen content in the blood, the better your metabolism, but the high oxygen content is not a good sign, because too high will lead to cell aging; lack of oxygen, can lead to inattention, memory Diminished, dizzy, anxiety and other symptoms, and even endanger the safety of life. It is reported that there are many factors that lead to hypoxemia, common are: lack of cardiac output caused by heart disease, oxygen deficiency caused by respiratory diseases, and hemoglobin caused by severe anemia and so on.
          The latest medical studies have shown that cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are due to the lack of blood oxygen levels. Patients with cardiovascular diseases, usually blood lipids, more garbage, blood vessels lead to vascular stenosis caused by inadequate, resulting in hypoxemia, people will feel shortness of breath shortness, dizziness, headache, dizziness and other symptoms of palpitation. Myocardial hypoxia is very sensitive to acute myocardial hypoxia, ventricular fibrillation may occur as well as cardiac arrest; severe or chronic hypoxia, can lead to myocardial failure, blood pressure, blood circulation failure; What is more, hypoxia directly damages the cerebral cortex, Causes degeneration and necrosis of brain tissue.
The air pollution
          In the meantime, the current air pollution in China is very serious, with a sharp increase in various types of patients with pulmonary disease. Especially chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary heart disease, asthma and other lung diseases, these respiratory diseases can cause blood oxygen saturation in the body decreased, resulting in the patient suddenly shortness of breath, dizziness, weakness, vomiting and other symptoms, causing breathing difficulties, Resulting in patients with oxygen deficiency, severe cases will endanger life, leading to heart failure, resulting in different levels of heart and lung, brain and kidney damage.
          Therefore, keeping control of the change of human blood oxygen saturation at any time is very helpful to discover the health problems in time and make the correct and effective diagnosis and treatment, which is of great significance in the field of clinical medicine. The traditional method is to use oximeter to monitor the oxygen saturation of human body and effectively prevent the occurrence of danger. If there is hypoxia, the first time to make oxygen decision, reduce the probability of disease attack.
At present, the commonly used oximeter in the market mainly refers to the nested measurement method, when the finger is inserted into the finger-type photoelectric sensor, the display screen directly displays the measured oxygen saturation value. However, compared with T90 blood oxygen monitoring smart bracelet, it is not only cumbersome and inconvenient to use, but also can not be continuously measured. As a result, the measurement result merely reflects the current situation and can not track the continuous change of human blood oxygen within a certain period of time. Will not be conducive to the prevention and treatment of the disease.
          T90 continuous monitoring of blood oxygen monitor smart watch there will be no similar problems, she can detect blood oxygen concentrations anywhere, anytime. This bracelet can save a certain period of data for easy access to health care exchange, to facilitate the doctor to provide appropriate advice and suggestions.

Traditional oximeter

T90 smart watch

          Busy life, so that people in the sub-health more and more. Timely attention to their own health, has become very important. As many people are more and more emphasis on changes in body blood pressure, the change in blood oxygen concentration can not be ignored, and this intelligent T90 blood oxygen monitoring bracelet, not only measurement accuracy, but also easy to use and convenient, Allows you to keep abreast of the changes in their own blood oxygen concentration control, predict physical health in advance, and for doctors to provide more and more complete diagnosis during treatment, so as to help them formulate better treatment options.
          T90 oximeter monitoring bracelet, escort for your health.

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