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Cost-effective smart watches

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          Smart apparel products popular in recent years, have produced a large number of intelligent watches products on the market, but most of these watches with LCD/ink screen design, the movement style of lay particular stress on, to be fond of traditional dial, tend to be concise business style of choice is too little, therefore, Dongguan Fit - Watch launched a traditional style Fit Watch smart watches.

Fit Watch smart watch

          Watch is a highly decorative accessories, its appearance and price to a large extent determines the final choice of consumers, Fit Watch using Belgian style, based on the former look more concise and stylish, and its material used in the process Not to be vague, CNC engraving 304 stainless steel body, in the anti-allergy and gloss performance is not bad.

Fit Watch smart watch
           Platinum shell / white dial body color plus nylon, leather two kinds of material composition of a number of kinds of color with a variety of programs, from youth to low profile calm, to the user more choices.
Fit Watch smart watch
          Glass mirror has a high permeability of the characteristics, but also enhance the content of this watch.
Fit Watch smart watch
          This watch uses a button battery-powered, usually use the frequency of life can reach 180 days or so, eliminating the need to charge often trouble.
Fit Watch smart watch
          IP68 waterproof make this watch more practical, rain, wash and even swimming are stress-free.
          Dial diameter of 40mm full high-end atmosphere, and suits or casual wear with complement each other.
Fit Watch smart watch
          Watch using Bluetooth 4.0 protocol and mobile communications, not only low power consumption and high transfer rate, and backward compatible with no worries.
Bluetooth 4.0
          Since the phone can be connected to the phone and SMS notification is essential, of course, because the watch is not equipped with an electronic display, it can only play a reminder role, when a new call or message, by shaking the motor to remind the user.
Call and message reminder

          Pedometer and sleep monitoring functions should be a standard smart watch, the user can view detailed data APP.

PedometerSleep monitoring

         The watch will be available in the first quarter of 2018.

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