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Fitbit Ionic the first smart watch battery life is excellent

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Fibit smart watch

          When fitness tracker maker Fitbit acquired Pebble in December 2016, one of its major competitors and a pioneer in smart watches, it abandoned the latter's plans to introduce smart watches, according to the Forbes website.

          Less than a year later, Fitbit unveiled a smart watch called Ionic - the most ambitious (and highest-priced) product Fitbit has ever introduced.

          As a smart watch, Ionic is more clunky and less concise than any other smart watch on the market - like Apple Watch or LG Watch Sport. Given the appearance of other brands of smart watches round or at least oval, Ionic shape is awkward square, the four corners of a little arc, but a little thick. But it works well. Fitbit uses what it calls "nano-molding" technology to combine metal, glass and plastic into one, and the Ionic weighs quite a bit. Strap can be removed, switch to other styles of strap. It is comfortable to wear on the wrist of Forbes author Ben Sin, but it can vary from person to person.

Fitbit smart watch

          The biggest attraction for Ionic is the 1.4-inch LCD display with a resolution of 348 x 250 pixels. With brightness of up to 1000 nits, the display shows even under intense direct sunlight. Unlike previous Fitbit devices - the screens were operated only by clicking (and their response was never sensitive) - the Ionic's screen was also slid (fairly responsive).

          Ionic runs Fitbit's own operating system and Pebble's team, which Fitbit acquired, is also involved in the development. As the first operating system, it works even if it is slower than Apple or Google's smartwatch software.

Fitbit smart watch

          There are three physical buttons on the Ionic, but only one is needed. The left main button can act as a "back button." The other two buttons on the right side can be used to gain direct access to specific functions in the watch - they can also be accessed by clicking and swiping.

          Much like other Fitbit trackers, Ionic tracks pace, heart rate, number of minutes of daily activity, and Ben Singh's personal favorite sleep. He was impressed by the latter's accuracy and intelligence. Ben Xun often looked back and looked at the next day and sleep-related information and found Ionic can correctly record his real time to sleep, not because he spent two minutes up at night, off air conditioning, and sleep time is divided into two segment.

          The Fitbit OS is smart enough to automatically choose exercises like swimming or cycling. Built-in GPS is very accurate, even in cities like Hong Kong, China - too many skyscrapers can affect satellite signals.

          Forbes said there are two more features that some Fitbit users find useful, but Ben Sin does not matter. The first is "guide breathing", is to teach the user to breathe correctly. The other is a fitness trainer, Ionic will provide users with a need to practice the list, the completion of the provisions of the project, the user can tell the smart watch exercise too hard or too small.

          Fitbit OS also includes an application store, but unfortunately most third-party applications are not useful. For example, there's a New York Times app that lets users read selected articles of the day. Ionic's 1.4-inch display is too small, uncomfortable to read, this application is still very good in theory.

Fitbit watch

          But what Ben Hsin likes is that there are dozens of dials to choose from. These dials come in a variety of different styles, and one of them even offers an avatar-style "virtual pet" mini-game.

          Ionic has 2.5GB of storage built in, which means users can download music and listen to music directly from their wireless headphones. This is useful for runners because they do not have to carry bulky phones for listening to music while running. However, you need a computer to load music. Ben Singh loves to load music with the Fitbit mobile app.

          A key reason people use smart watches is the ability to do many of the things that they would otherwise have to do with their cellphone without taking out their cellphone. Ionic seems to have no recite in this regard. Ionic seems to be able to receive and display notifications well - as long as users use popular "big-name" phones such as the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy. When Ben Hsin used Huawei's Mate 10 Pro and other "non-mainstream" mobile phones, Ionic can not be synchronized with the phone, the notification can not be transmitted. In the Fitbit community, this issue is not a secret, and its tracker is not good enough for Huawei's handsets. Some people may say that the problem lies in Huawei, but Benin's Mate 10 Pro's Bluetooth has no problems in other applications.

          Mate 10 Pro and Huawei, the world's third-largest maker of smartphones, are entering the runner-up and should team up engineers from both companies to resolve compatibility issues. Compatible with Huawei handsets, more important than compatible with Sony, HTC or Windows Phone handsets, it is certain.

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          The fibit smart watch's working time up to 5 days, but our company has produced a smart watch. It has longer working time than the smart watch. The working time can be up to 15 days, standby time can reach 30 days. And the smart watch also has real-time heart rate, record steps, sedentary reminders function and so on. It has beautiful appearance, and has obtained the design patent certificate.

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