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Garmin released vivofit 4 series smart bracelet

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          As a well-known brand in the sports wear sector, Garmin has been favored by many sports enthusiasts for its precise measurements and a wide range of sports types. The rise of smart wearables has brought many competitors and Garmin has continued Continue to develop more products for the campaign, and just recently, jiaming released the latest generation of wearing equipment - vivofit 4 series of smart bracelets.

          Vivofit 4 series bracelet design is simple, but more than one dial and color theme or did support the user to customize. The bracelet wears for 24/7 support swims and showers. Daily features include timing, countdown, stopwatch, alarm clock, weather widget, and find my phone.
vivofit 4
           Vivofit 4 series of smart bracelet through the color bar calculation shows the number of user steps, when the wearer is still for a long time, the bar will fill to remind users to exercise.

          The vivofit 4 smart bracelet allows you to do more with your phone by monitoring for sleep intensity and quality, etc. With the built-in MOVE IQ technology, the bracelet automatically captures and sorts activities like walking, running, biking, Swimming, etc., users no longer have to choose before exercise.

          Of course, this alone is not enough, vivofit 4 series of smart bracelet is the most prominent feature of the battery life can be used for up to one year without charging, but also integrates a bright color display always readable in the sun. Currently, vivofit 4 series smart bracelet launched S, M two sizes, with a light green spots, white or black strap to choose from, the retail price of 79.99 US dollars, sold on the Amazon.
          Smart bracelet manufacturer-Dongguan Fit-Watch reports.

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