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Germany prohibits the sale of children's smart watches

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          Recently, the German Federal Network Regulatory Authority announced the complete ban on children's smart watches in Germany. The reason for the network control board is that most of these watches are capable of listening and recording in the background, and local laws prohibit this operation without the permission of the recording staff.
In a statement to the BBC, the agency's minister, Jochen Homann, said: "Through an application, parents can use these children's watches to monitor the environment around their children, which is considered an unauthorized distribution system "The FNA also urged educators to give this student watch attention," according to our research, parents' watches are also used to listen to lecture the teacher in the classroom. "
          This is the latest setback for children's smartwatches in Europe. Not long ago, the EU Consumer Council said the safety factor of children's smart watches is too low, easily become a target of hacker attacks.
          Compared to ordinary smart watches, children's smart watches tend to be more simple functions, but with positioning, make phone calls and other functions, can send information to their parents' cell phones location.
          However, the information transmission capabilities of these watches are very fragile and do not even encrypt information. This makes it easy for hackers to attack, meaning that knowing the child's location after attacking the watch makes it easier to send geo-information to the child's parents.
          Into 2017, the wearable device market once again showed a rapid development trend. According to IDC "Quarterly Tracking Report on China's Wearable Devices Market, Q1 2017", China's shipment of wearable devices in the first quarter of 2017 was 10.35 million units, up 20.3% over the same period of previous year.
          In the smart bracelet, watches, the market segments, the performance of children's watches enough dazzling. Data show that China's children's watch market shipments up to 351 million units, an increase of 64.9%.
          As technology advances, children's watches in the functional aspects of gradually diversified. For example, in addition to being able to implement basic calling features, you can also use it to locate a child's position or listen to ambient sounds and more.
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          However, a realistic situation is that due to the different levels of children's smart watch manufacturers, behind these more and more rich features, security-related issues have become the focus of everybody's attention.
          As early as 2015, CCTV reported that children's timepieces radiate much larger than a cell phone at the moment of receiving a call, and may even exceed the number of a cell phone by 1000 times. In addition to the hardware itself, there are also many hidden dangers of functionality itself.
          In October of this year, the Norwegian Consumer Council released a survey report that many smart watches sold to children in the European market posed a security risk.           Hackers may use the smart watch's GPS positioning function to obtain children's location information.
          Germany has banned the sale of all children's smart watches. Many children's watches can be opened in the background to monitor conversations or even recordings.These snoops were conducted without the permission of the recording staff, which is in violation of the relevant local German legal.
          Government officials said "Through the application, parents are free to listen around the child wearing a child's watch and these devices are identified as unauthorized collection devices." According to third-party investigators, many parents use children's watches to monitor classes The teacher talked, and the teacher did not know this.
          In fact, Germany is only a forerunner, does not rule out the future more countries in Europe will limit the children's watch or some of these features. More than a month ago, the EU Consumer Council found that many children's watches on the market have potential safety hazards. Most commercially available products have security vulnerabilities. In addition to the children's parents, hackers can easily locate their children and sneak up sniffers in the background, even virtual and forged children. Once hacked, they will have May have serious consequences.
          Children's smartwatches, such as 360 and Xiaotiancai, are also popular in the country. They mainly have the functions of making phone calls and GPS positioning. They not only help parents understand their children's real-time location, but also help parents to contact their children when they need help. Children feel safe from each other. However, any technology products have both good and bad sides, Germany's comprehensive ban on children's smart watches stems from privacy concerns.

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