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Global wearable equipment market analysis: the most growth of smart watches

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          Recently, the international research and consultancy Gartner predicts that in 2017 the world will sell 310 million wearing equipment, compared with 2016 growth of 16.7%, as below:
2016 - 2018 and 2021 global wearable equipment sales forecast
          2017 wearing equipment sales will create 30.5 billion US dollars of revenue, of which 9.3 billion from smart watches. Smart watches in 2017 the overall sales of 41.5 million, by 2021, smart watch sales will be close to 81 million, accounting for 16% of the overall wearing equipment sales, revenue increased to 17.4 billion US dollars, all can Wear the best growth in revenue in the equipment.
          Gartner research director Angela McIntyre said that smart watch revenue growth is optimistic, mainly because of optimistic about the apple. Apple Watch smart watches average sales are relatively stable, with the growth of smart watch production, the average sales will be from 2017 223.25 US dollars, slightly lower to 2021 points 214.99 US dollars.
          In the smart watch brand share, Gartner that Apple's share of smart watches will remain the first, but with more brands to join, Apple's market share in the smart watch market from 2016 three One by one, down to a quarter of 2021.
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          Apple is expected to launch in September the new Apple Watch, you can in the absence of mobile phones or Wi-Fi case, through the mobile network directly interact with Siri, send text messages and send sensor data. In other vendors, Gartner predicts that in 2021, ASUS, Huawei, LG, Samsung and Sony and other consumer electronics brands will account for only 15% of the smart watch sales market, the most important reason is that they emphasize personal technology Life-oriented brand is less attractive.
          In addition, Gartner predicted that children's watches will rise, 2021 will account for 30% of the overall smart watch shipments, the traditional watch brand will account for 25% of the overall shipments, which mainly include fine and fashion watch brand.
          The last of the new manufacturers and focus on consumer brands to provide smart watches within the electronic design of the white card industry. They will account for 5% of total smart watch sales in 2021.

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