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Heart attack in sleep: Apple Watch save lives

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          A market research firm believes that Apple Watch accounts for more than half of the smart watch market, after the article is released, or have the opportunity to push the ratio further. Scott Killian, a nearly 50-year-old U.S. lawyer who bought an Apple Watch for his job, mistook for a life-saving tool.
          Killian self-proclaimed very attention to health, regular boxing exercise, also spent more than 10,000 US dollars before the physical examination, the results showed good health. However, one night while he was sleeping, Apple Watch's HeartWatch software woken him for unusual heartbeats. The software found that when he fell asleep, his heartbeat was as high as 120. Killian decided to go to the emergency room for relief.
          Emergency room equipment found Killian's heartbeat is indeed too fast, the blood test results showed that enzymes soared, to further confirm the heart disease warning. In-depth examination found that his heart has 4 arterial infarction, the need for immediate surgery. Killian was fortunate to have Apple Watch save his life because his grandfather died of heart disease at the age of 55. He said he could die of a sudden heart attack at any time if he ignored the warning and went to sleep.

          Smart watches manufacturer-Dongguan Fit-Watch reports.

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