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          According to Canalys, market research firm Apple Watch shipped 3.9 million units in the third quarter of 2017 from July to September, accounting for 23% of the wearable device market (including smartwatches and smart bracelets), making it the third Wearable device makers with the largest quarterly sales. In the second quarter, the market share of the first millet and the United States wearable device maker Fitbit respectively 3.6 million and 3.5 million sales followed Apple.
          In the third quarter, the wearable device market ranked fourth and fifth respectively by Huawei and Samsung. Huawei had a market share of 6%, Samsung had a market share of 5% and shipments of 1 million and 800,000 respectively.
          The current polarization of the wearable device market is extremely noticeable. The top three companies with sales and market share have a market share of over 60%, while the top five companies with more than 25% share of the market share.
          Canalys figures show that the popular Apple Watch Series 3, launched on September 22, has seen its cellular version reach 800,000 units in Q3, making it the key Apple Watch to return to the top spot in Q3 sales.
          However, analysts believe this is not yet the performance of the cellular Apple Watch 3, which is limited in shipments due to the inability of Apple Watch Series 3 cellular services in many countries around the world.
          This is the most obvious example of our domestic, the National Bank Apple Watch Series 3 at the end of September when the first cellular network version of a watch hard to find, which in the past has never been the case. However, China Unicom, which subsequently supplied BNW's watch to cellular networks, announced the suspension of service opening applications, so many non-first-time users could not get network services while getting watches. Many of the original plan users continued to wait and see. At present Apple's official online Apple Watch 3 delivery period of only 4 days, Apple and the three major domestic carriers only said they will launch services later this year.
          The next Q4 is the annual holiday shopping season, Apple Watch will be able to have higher shipments in the Q4 quarter last year, there will be 6 million shipments after Apple Watch forecast this year's shipments in the 17 million Block, from the current point of view, to reach this figure is still very possible.
Global wearable band market ranking
          Apple wearable sector ushered in a revival this year, from the third quarter of 2015, Apple's first-time wearable device shipments in the first quarter on top. In a recent earnings update, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said the company's third-quarter sales rose 50% as Apple Watch focused on healthcare.
          Elsewhere: Fitbit finished third with 20% market share in the third quarter of 2017, while handset makers Huawei (6%) and Samsung (5%) came in fourth and fifth respectively.Canalys found that other brands dominate 25% due to the considerable fragmentation in the wearable device industry. The third quarter has traditionally been the weakest period for wearable sales, as many consumers will not buy large items until Christmas, but Canalys said top supplier shipments increased in the third quarter. However, overall, the industry fell by 3 percentage points mainly due to the lack of basic fitness functions of these devices.
          In August of this year, Strategy Analytics, a market research firm, released the global shipments of wearables in the second quarter. Millet ranked No. 1 with a sales volume of 3.7 million and beat the head of 3.4 million Fitbit. Apple relied on 2.8 million Taiwan's sales came in third.
Global wearable vendor shipment and marketshare in Q2 2017
          As you can see from the list, the three brands of Apple, Xiaomi and Fitbit have already won more than 60% of the global market, and other brands basically have become the jokers. One of the main attack is the hundred dollars millet market, positioning and Apple Watch a great deal of its main product of the bracelet long life and cost.
          Because Dongguan Fit-Watch CO., LTD. is a smart wearable product manufacturer, began to make their own brand at last year, so the current list is not her figure. We believe in the near future, she will occupy a place.

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