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Maxim Launches Wearables for Preventive Health and Fitness

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          Maxim Announces the MAX86140 and MAX86141 Optical Pulse Oximeter / Heart Rate Sensors and the MAX30001 ECG and BioZ Measurement AFE Provide Effective Solutions for Preventive Monitoring and Continuous Monitoring Products to Support Wearable Health , Fitness application. These small size, low-power solutions enable high-precision vital sign measurements, monitor health / fitness conditions, help prevent health hazards and kill them in the bud.
Enabling A Healthier World
          Modern medical continuous monitoring technology is changing the way of thinking of consumers from passive monitoring to active monitoring. Consumers no longer wait for the annual medical examination to get blood pressure and other vital signs test results, but real-time health status. This shift has driven the demand for high-precision, small-size, low-power wearables - an important driver of new thinking. With the increasing popularity of continuous monitoring and preventive health care, both technology providers and health industry practitioners must actively grasp and support these new needs for success.
          Maxim's wearable health and fitness application sensors allow consumers to monitor key vital signs with high accuracy and ensure low power consumption (longer battery life) and small size (convenience, comfort). The MAX86140 and MAX86141 measure PPG signals on the wrist, fingers and ears to detect heart rate, heart rate abnormalities, and pulse oximetry. The MAX30001 measures chest and wrist ECG and BioZ, detecting heart rate, breathing and arrhythmia. Compared with similar programs, MAX86140 and MAX86141 consumes half the power consumption and reduces the size by about one-third. The MAX30001 consumes about half the power while reducing the size by almost half. By acquiring heart beating data, these programs are able to collect high-precision data that allows users to identify important symptoms right from the start. In addition, the MAX30001 meets the requirements of the clinical ECG standard IEC60601-2-47.

          About ECG monitoring, Dongguan Fit-Watch previously introduced a F16 ECG test smart bracelet, which works on the same chip. Can test ECG and breathing training. The details are as follows:

F16 ECG test smart bracelet

F16 details

PWTT principle

ECG test

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