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Microsoft Watch It patent exposure similar to Face ID or for smart wearable devices

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          Earlier this month, Microsoft won a patented "Watch It" security feature with a "Watch It Interface." Although this invention is primarily aimed at smart bracelets and smart watches, it can also be applied to smartphones or other mobile devices, including laptops. This security feature is similar to Apple's new iPhone X Face Recognition, but adds a second security feature that creates a 3D space for the user to see just the content inside. This way, other people will not be able to see your device content, even in such a crowded space as a subway or a bar. Apple began researching this feature back in 2009 (published in 2011).
Watch It security feature
          Microsoft pointed out that nowadays all kinds of new forms of computers are ubiquitous, and related accessories and mobile applications are blooming everywhere. The growth of "applications" and world population and their population density have seriously eroded the personal and collective privacy So much so that maintaining a trace of quiet, privacy and confidentiality has become a bothering common headline. For example, in a crowded subway, bus, airplane, or shopping mall, your neighbor may inadvertently see and hear the content on your laptop, tablet, smart bracelet, or smart watch screen. Such violations of personal privacy have occurred, if you want to avoid this phenomenon, you may need a lot of dexterity. It is in this context, it was born in Microsoft's patent.
          Microsoft said in a patent it obtained that "one of the features of this invention is to provide users with a wearable computer interface that protects their privacy zone." In one presentation, the computer interface was able to determine if a user was facing the interface , And identify the user who is facing the interface. Because Microsoft this month decided to stop developing their own Band bracelets and Windows phones, they now lack the right equipment to host the patented concept.
          This week, Microsoft is expected to launch a new product in London's event, probably a Windows + Qualcomm platform, or a brand new device hosting the feature. Let's wait and see.

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