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New year with you own equipment to do a healthy fashion up to people

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          It's time to purchase the Newest design products. Have you ever wondered what the new look in the new year? Do you want to prepare something from head to toe? Today, we want to recommend to you, is not conventional clothes, shoes and socks, but a set of very good appearance and strength in a fashion item to decorate the wrist -Huawei sports smart bracelet.

          As a smart wearable device, the appearance level of huawei's sports bracelet is eye-catching -- simple and smooth. It uses the founder parallel lines and the convergence of the standard arc in the form of division, take full advantage of the internal space structure into more high-tech devices, give you a sense of non-sense of wear. Huawei sports smart bracelet selection of the most excellent performance of austenitic stainless steel, high-speed precision stamping process to form a rough embryo, and then through the nine artisans 9 repeated grinding and polishing, fine grinding of 3 diamond fine hand-made texture, texture and morphology Natural, natural, such as silk bracelet slippery brilliant. In pursuit of the perfect wear experience, HUAWEI sports bracelet clasp clasp feel and intensity is done repeatedly research and testing, so that you experience the other bracelet products have never had a sense of fit. Huawei sports bracelet is black, red, orange, blue, green five colors to choose from, there is always a way to make you feel satisfied with the unique vision.


          The Huawei sports smart bracelet in its "own" areas - movement, also impeccable. Huawei sports smart bracelet equipped with a professional PPG dynamic heart rate monitoring module, targeting more than 10 kinds of sports scene optimization algorithm, with comparable accuracy with professional heart rate zone. It can track the heart rate of the wearer 24 hours a day and accurately display the real-time heart rate and resting heart rate of the exercise, so that the user can grasp the physical condition in time and select the appropriate exercise time and intensity so as to obtain the best exercise effect and avoid the sports injuries . Huawei sports bracelet is also designed with a key to start the running function, able to run on the wearer's real-time heart rate, heart rate range, running distance, with speed and other data records. After running, the maximum oxygen uptake (VO2MAX) of athletes during exercise is calculated through FIRSTBEAT algorithm of the bracelet to provide users with a number of data analysis reports such as recovery time recommendations, training effect evaluation and the like, Full control of the pace of movement.


          GPS version of the Huawei sports bracelet built-in independent GPS, users can get rid of the shackles of mobile phones, you can enjoy the freedom of Huawei's sports fun, and can simultaneously record their own trajectory, speed and other information, and to share their regular exercise to Wechat.


          In addition to running and other sports, it also supports hiking, adventure and other outdoor sports, and even users can also wear it to swim, wash your hands, etc. Huawei smart bracelet can withstand the rigorous test of 50 meters deep water, to accompany you all day long Perfect wear experience.


          In addition, Huawei bracelet for the regular stay up all night caused by poor sleep quality and other issues, but also provides a good solution. It incorporates the HUAWEI TruSleep? Sleep monitoring technology, which is tested and certified by the Harvard Medical School CDB Center, to determine the time and proportions that occur during each sleep stage to accurately characterize the sleep structure, allowing users to visually see their own sleep situation, which can be more targeted to improve their sleep problems.


           Not only can become fashionable fashion people wrist fashion decorate, but also allow the wearer to be more healthy. Do you miss good apperance and strength the Huawei sports bracelet?

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