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Nokia also has smart watches and battery life up to 25 days

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Nokia Steel HR

          Nokia for many people is beyond the boundaries of the brand, more like a feeling, is the testimony of a generation of memories. Nokia to give up the mobile phone business, the development in other areas are not as bright as the mobile phone area, many people have a sigh. But recently the company launched a wearable device, also squeezed into the smart wearable device market, battery life as strong as the Nokia mobile phone.

          The Nokia Steel HR hybrid watch, though recently released, has in fact existed in the past year, and is different from its current name, "Withings Steel HR." Currently this smart watch can be purchased in the United States, priced at 180 US dollars.
At present, there are two camps on the smart watch market, one is a smart watch with a touch screen and the other is a wrist watch. The Nokia Steel HR happens to be in between the two, the main dial is a traditional pointer dial, but the top has a circular LCD screen.
Withings Steel HR
          In fact, this watch and other smart watches on the market function quite, not very different. The two letters "HR" give the user a direct indication that it is also a heart rate monitor that, in addition to tracking, automatically tracks sleep. All of this data can be sent to the appropriate Nokia Health Mate app, which works on both iOS and Android.

          A short piece of smart watches is the battery life, Nokia Steel HR overcome this difficulty, with 25 days of battery life, but according to the actual situation, which may be reduced. In addition, but also with 50 meters of waterproof capacity, you want to use in swimming pools and other places, this watch is entirely possible.

          This watch has two models to choose from, the larger 44mm dial, the color is only black options, priced at 200 dollars. Small 36mm dial, the color black and white two options, the price is 180 US dollars.

          Dongguan Fit-Watch reports.

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