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The Nokia smart watch Steel HR has finally begun to pre-order

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          Nokia announced that its Steel HR hybrid smartwatch can be shipped in time for the shopping season before the start of the season. Nokia watch was released in September 2016, the original plan released one month after the sale. However, after Nokia began negotiations to acquire Withings, the watch's release date was postponed indefinitely.
          Shortly thereafter, Nokia reissued several Withings products under its own label, such as the Nokia Go and Nokia Steel watch collections, as well as Nokia BPM + and Nokia Body + connectivity devices.
          Steel HR offers 36mm and 40mm two styles, black and white two colors. Equipped with a simple style analog dial, embedded in low-key to track the heart rate and exercise status of the digital meter. In addition, the watch can track more than a dozen sports events, providing comprehensive sleep monitoring and SMS, phone and notification reminders.
Steel HR

          Nokia said it also learned a lot from Withings and used it for improvements to the watch software system, such as the improved heart rate algorithm. In addition, the design also uses sapphire glass as a dial, you can also guarantee the deepest 50 meters waterproof.

          Steel HR can be synchronized with the iOS version of Nokia Health Mate, priced at $ 179.99, Nokia official website is now available pre-order.

          As same as Nokia smart watch,Dongguan Fit-Watch pulled out of a new smartwatch, as shown below:

          The smart watch uses two pointers. Because many people stop using smart bracelets or smart watches because of charging troubles, this watch uses a button battery inside for up to 6 months, abandoning the charging mode, and bidding farewell to the day and charging to make the customer experience more perfect.
          Currently this watch is still in the final stages of testing, will be available in the first quarter of 2018. Price to be determined.

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