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Polaroid colorful smart bracelet turned out

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          With the entry of Internet technology giants such as Huawei and Tencent, the market for smart bracelets has witnessed rapid development. Not only many outstanding smart bracelet brands have emerged, but also a brand new wave of consumer spending has been successfully set off. On November 11, 2017, a color bracelet named Polaroid turned out to be the smart bracelet market with its unique color HD screen technology that has successfully attracted the eyes of most smart bracelet enthusiasts. 
          It is understood that Polaroid colorful smart bracelet from the United States Polaroid brand. The Polaroid brand was established in the United States in 1937 and has been 80 years old so far. It is the first company in the world to develop and manufacture Polaroid photographic systems and is the largest manufacturer of Polaroid photographic equipment. Be aware that in the early 1970s when Polaroid was still in its infancy, Polaroid started researching Polaroid photographic technology and successfully launching its finished product, which was a great feat at the time, making Polaroid quickly becoming a household name in the world Trend brand.
Polaroid smart bracelet
          In August 2016, a company in Shenzhen and Polaroid Corporation formed a strategic alliance and WMI was officially authorized to design and manufacture smartphones for Polaroid smartphones and accessories for mobile phones in China. Both parties jointly create high-quality, high-performance smartphones and smartphones Wear products to serve consumers around the world. Weimi Polaroid will continue to create new technologies beyond the classic "craftsmanship" spirit of the perfect heritage, after more than 1 year of research and development, in November 2017 successfully launched this colorful smart little secret bracelet and crowdfunding platform in Jingdong Grand starting. Like the Polaroid brand, destined to become a legend from the day of its birth, Polaroid colorful smart little secret bracelet will also become a legend.
Polaroid smart bracelet
          Polaroid Bright Smart Wristband is definitely the "Super Star" in Smart Wristband. It not only has the color matching the trend of the past, but also has its own unique cutting-edge technology. It also has DIY colorful dial, smart reminder, Step, 7 minutes of exercise, dynamic heart rate, sleep monitoring, IP68 waterproof and other complete and practical features, people will put it down.
Polaroid smart bracelet
          Black, orange, purple, red, blue ... Polaroid colorful smart little secret bracelet color is so arbitrary, full of youth and vitality; unique full-color high-definition touch screen, so you completely bid farewell to the smart bracelet black and white era, bracelet The world can be so colorful; get up, eat, take medicine, drink water, sedentary, meetings ... reminded not to delay, give you meticulous care; exercise data smart record, continue to promote your fitness plan; flat support, push- Squat ... anytime, anywhere to give you the most scientific seven minutes of exercise, weight loss is so simple; real-time monitoring of sleep and heart rate, to ensure that you always be able to meet the most full of the most healthy state of each challenge.
Polaroid smart bracelet
          In addition, the Polaroid colorful smart little bracelet DIY dial, clock, function display style, you choose, ready to change face bracelet, fun and more novel; has a high standard of IP68 waterproof technology that allows you wantonly arrogant, hand washing, Shower, can be worn; also has raised his hand bright screen, music control, weather synchronization and other human settings. Has 80mAh high-capacity battery, standby time of 120 hours, can continue to use a week; support for Bluetooth 4.0, three-axis sensor and dual-language system in English.
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