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Mobile devices, home appliances,smart wearable devices are moving towards convergence

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          This will be the first time Samsung has opened many facilities and venues in South Korea to the Chinese media. When visiting Samsung headquarters in South Korea, Samsung staff arranged a number of topics including design, lens development, antenna design and other issues, in an attempt to more fully demonstrate Samsung's technical strength and thinking of the concept. 
SAMSUNG d'light
          "The market in China is the most complicated, and the strength of the brand in China is also growing rapidly." A Samsung employee in charge of public relations in Asia told They are frank in China, Samsung is facing challenges, but Samsung is trying to more closely communicate with Chinese users to learn China's vision.
          So there was this visit.
          Integration of mobile communications, home appliances, Internet of things, this is what Samsung is doing
The samsung innovation museum promotion language
          In a brochure, Samsung is positioning itself as a "representative Korean company" that already owns 85 affiliates and several other corporate bodies and nearly 300 legal persons and offices in nearly 70 countries and territories , The total number of employees more than 20 million people, involving electronics, finance, machinery, chemistry and many other fields. In South Korea, life is almost impossible to bypass Samsung.
          Samsung's electronic products are also very common in South Korea, and China's mobile phone brand exceptionally rich difference is that South Korea's mobile phone market is basically Samsung, LG, Apple giants eat, a few days the formation, most of the locals used Samsung mobile phones are, and even the phone shell also appeared more popular models of Samsung's Apple models.
          Different from the expectation, after the end of the visit of Samsung Innovation Museum, the exchange at Samsung Suwon headquarters started from wearable devices. This is not the current hot area, but from VR, smart watch bracelet and even smart headphones, Samsung has a complete set of wearable device system.
          One of the most important products is the Wireless Earbud Gear Icon X which will be released in June this year and will be launched in China in December. There is no doubt that this product will be the standard Apple AirPods.
Gear Icon X
          The peculiarity of this product is that it already supports Bixby. According to Samsung's official introduction, Bixby is an artificial intelligence system that makes it an artificial intelligence product that rivals Apple's Siri and Google Assistant. Currently Samsung S8 and Note 8 two products have been deeply integrated Bixby, the Chinese version will be officially released by the end of November.
          It is noteworthy that Samsung visited a Samsung Bixby fridge while visiting the Samsung Innovation Museum. This refrigerator has a huge screen that can be used with other Samsung screens, such as cell phones and TVs. This means Bixby, which is an artificial intelligence system, is running through all of Samsung's product lines.
Samsung refrigerator
          "At the IFA show in Germany, Samsung has a new vision of connecting mobile communications, home appliances and the Internet of Things, and bringing together the three technologies," said Han Xiang-yu, Samsung Electronics's head of wear products.
          This means that with the mobile phone as the center, the home center linked to the personal information center of the wearable device and the home appliance will be completely opened up and the data will be further circulated in different systems. Perhaps one day, your smart bracelet detects your cold, your refrigerator will recommend a suitable smart recipe for you, and the phone will automatically enter the anti-disturb mode in the evening to make you feel at ease.
          For the moment, this scenario is most likely Samsung.
          Product Design: Understanding the user is the starting point is also difficult
          "Is it normal for a double-shot? Will you join a camera war?"
          Li Yong, vice president of camera research at Samsung Electronics Mobile Division, responded by saying: "Samsung's focus is primarily on usability and functionality improvements rather than on how many lenses to focus on." Convenience and comfort are also key. Photo Samsung's leading position in the Note 8 was only applied dual camera program, compared to domestic manufacturers and even Apple, are almost a year later.
          However, the Note 8 incorporates a 12-megapixel sensor with full dual-core focus and a wide-angle + telephoto lens solution, and both lenses support OIS optical anti-shake technology, allowing the Note 8 to overtake again to take a photo effect The first array.
The same repeated mention of user needs Note 8 designer Jin Guowan. How to consider the design, how to consider the future development trend, how to avoid too subjective designers, the answer finally settled in the "user needs."
          Kim said the smart phone is a sophisticated, highly complex product that requires a lot of user knowledge to avoid design mistakes. At the same time, he also said that this is also the most troubling place for him. Understanding the real needs of users and adopting feasible solutions has become the starting point and the difficulty of work.
          For example, Samsung Note 8 uses a slender 18.5: 9 body ratio, Jin Guokuan pointed out: "This narrower Note than the previous reasons, we found that it is more suitable for the investigation of one-handed operation of the user, feel the most comfortable, It's also the best screen ratio for displaying apps on a full-screen. "Likewise, flip-up phones are still being introduced in China and are based on market demand.
          When it comes to future design directions, Kim Woon Hwan sidestepped the question of whether to develop a foldable screen. According to rumors, Samsung is secretly developing a folding screen smartphone code-named Galaxy X, the earliest is expected to put into mass production next year. However, Kim Kyu Hwan said that this design program still needs to user-centered, which is not what users need, but not by the designer to dominate.
          Samsung and its localization of the road
          In the world, Samsung still undoubtedly occupy the market share of the first. But in China, Samsung has a different situation. Samsung is facing the toughest challenge in the global smartphone market in China. Samsung is shrinking in the Chinese market. According to the latest sales data in October, the sales of Samsung Note 8 and S8 in the high-end market are similar to that of the iPhone 8/8 Plus also has a gap.
          Equally crucial is the low-end market. Samsung is facing a besieged Chinese handset maker with high performance-price ratio. Both manufacturers including Huawei, OPPO, vivo and Xiaomi have witnessed remarkable growth in the past two years. "The Chinese handset market is too big, and despite these brands selling well in the Chinese market, they can also have huge sales," said a Samsung employee in China. In fact, the Chinese market has accounted for one-third of the global smartphone market. This unique mobile ecosystem feeds many mobile phone makers who have been tortured by the most discerning user to almost paranoid. They are even aggressively attacking markets such as India and Southeast Asia.
          During the luncheon exchange, a top Samsung executive told the media: "Having a competitor is a good thing and Huawei's impact on Samsung will also stimulate Samsung to make better products."
          "Samsung's business in China is handled by the local Samsung team and not all of them need to be approved by the Korean headquarters." In communicating with Samsung's staff, they mentioned this detail to All along, the external management of Samsung are considered "centralized system": due to the size and importance of the Chinese market, so everything needs to repay to the headquarters of South Korea. Obviously, through this exchange, there is a new understanding of this answer. Samsung China is trying to continue to localize, so that "Samsung China into a 'Chinese enterprises'", which means that from product to post-marketing, we need to be extremely accurate to grasp the preferences of Chinese consumers.
          In terms of hardware, Samsung introduced the C-series products tailored to Chinese consumers. At the system level, it even introduced the more popular features of "WeChat Red envelopes".

          "The Chinese market is very complex, with some software and some of the features are special and all deserve our learning," said the Samsung employee responsible for Asian public relations at Samsung, as mentioned above.

          Dongguan Fit-Watch thought this project is very large, the previous may be unstable, there will be many small problems, but we believe will eventually overcome. We are very much looking forward to, this case if successful, will give us a smart wearable manufacturers in a good direction.

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