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Samsung's new patent: smart watch strap is mobile power but also fingerprint recognition

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          The battery life of smart watches is still one of the biggest shortcomings at present, but a new Samsung patent recently proposed a new way to solve the problem.
Samsung smart watch
          Samsung is developing an expressor-like accessory for wearable devices and is likely to use the Gear S4 smart watch launched later this year.

          From the patent document it is shown that batteries are built into the bracelet and are located on the upper and lower sides. However, because of the flexibility of the bracelet, we can only assume that the batteries used for this bracelet are also flexible.

          Interestingly, although the internal battery strap can help us to improve battery life, about two days, but in the patent we also see that in the middle of the two batteries, the remaining space can be continued to use, It is possible to have a larger sensor or processor, even a fingerprint sensor, heart rate sensor or camera.
          Although this is a vision for the future, we believe that with the development of technology, Samsung will likely use this technology in actual products in the future.

          LetsGoDigital also found a separate document with a small display in the middle of the watch's rotating bezel to help users navigate different areas of the Tizen system more easily. At present, Samsung Smart Watch user intelligence by rotating the border way to navigate the main screen.

          However, the Samsung Smart Watch circular screen will be divided into equal parts, each part corresponds to a specific area of the smart watch. For example, between 12 o'clock and 2 o'clock, you can not specify as a fragment, when rotated to this space, you can directly open the music. While rotating to other angles you can display system notifications.

          Like all patents, Samsung's patents will not necessarily be used in the actual product. However, Samsung has been at the forefront of developing flexible components in the world. Whether it is a flexible battery or a flexible display, it would not be surprising if the technology really existed in the future.
fingerprint recognition
          In our opinion, this kind of rotating screen control is more of a secondary operation. However, the rotating frame of the Samsung Smart Watch is a very good design, so we hope that more features will appear in the future in the product.
          Smart watches manufacturer-Dongguan Fit-Watch reports.

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