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Slowdown in the growth rate of smart watches 2021 will usher in the winter

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          Market research firm eMarketer once expected the number of users of wearables in the United States to grow by 60% in 2016, but the real increase of only 24.7%, while the company's latest expected data is no longer optimistic. The company expects sales of smart audio devices to significantly exceed that of smart wearable devices during the holiday season. Analyst Cindy Liu cut expectations for the future wearable device industry and provided a forecast of sluggish growth. He said that "smart watches failed to give consumers Impressed by the lack of reason to buy a smartwatch at a price close to a smartphone. "
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          According to the latest forecast given by Liu, the growth rate of the number of industrial users of smart watches will decrease year by year. "The growth rate of the number of U.S. adult wearable users will drop to 11.9% in 2018, and the rate of increase will drop to just as early as 2019 Below the median, the overall number of users will still grow. "
          According to its source data, the growth rate of the adult smart watch device in the United States is expected to be as shown in the following figure, or the industry will face a severe winter in 2021:
US Adult smartwatch users 2016-2021
          Although this report sing bad smart watches, but Dongguan Fit-Watch still do not think so, after all, previously reported that the flexible battery is also the prototype, I believe soon will be available. Until then, I believe smart bracelets and smart watches equipped with such batteries, then equipped with flexible screen smart wearable products, there will be a big market.

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