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Smart Health Bracelet and Wisdom Health Monitoring System

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          As our life expectancy grows longer and longer, the elderly need services and care and attention more and more, especially for the elderly living alone. Technology plays an increasingly important role in improving home care and health monitoring. One example is the smart wear device ht15 and smart health monitoring platform developed by MediaTek.Inc, MTK and the Western Harbor Research team.

          Blood pressure heart rate electrocardiogram smart wearable device

          MediaTek.Inc, MTK's world-renowned IC designer) and the western information port research department designed a smart bracelet monitoring equipment. The device can monitor the wearer's body data at any time, such as real-time data of heart rate, blood pressure level, ECG, etc. It is reported that there are 512hz ECG and these data can be used as medical applications. If parents wear, relatives regardless of where they can be concerned about the health status of parents, see the indicators of the data.
Health monitoring system
          Real-time monitoring, predicted in advance

          According to MediaTek.Inc, MTK, this concept bracelet offers a lot of supportive services, especially real-time monitoring, predicting in advance, which is always a step faster than you find. For example, based on the long-term monitoring data, the probability of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases can be measured. Both the wearer and the family members will be alerted very quickly so that emergency services can be quickly contacted. You can also be reminded to take medication or to help them see the appointment schedule with your doctor. According to reliable sources, the device product will be fully listed in January this year.

          Comprehensive health monitoring platform

          Western Harbor Intelligent Wearable Devices Institute of Applied Information Technology has developed a health monitoring system. The system records the wearer's daily monitoring data and forms a health report that can be sent to the doctor over the Internet. At the same time can upload their own medical reports, the usual cases, as well as prescriptions for medical reference. Based on the device with software and analysis installed, the smart bracelet monitors parameters such as blood pressure and heart rate using electrodes and PPG Blu-ray. And the bracelet is monitored anytime, anywhere, accurate data and will not affect the wearer's normal life.

          Smart bracelet manufacturer -Dongguan Fit-Watch launched the F16 ECG test smart bracelet in this year, although not in the form of Internet to the doctor, but the bracelet itself can store the appropriate data for medical advice. After all, the Internet docking for the country and even the world's hospitals, the current is still more troublesome. It is still a long time to conservatively estimate the popularity of this technology. Therefore, it is more realistic for a doctor to observe directly the result of an accurate examination of the wristband at present.

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