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Jawbone collapsed, the domestic smart bracelet will be eliminated?

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          A few years ago many people would still ask: What is the difference between AR and VR? What is AI? In a few years later, if you do not know what is AR, what is VR, what is AI, we will send you a sentence: You OUT. Although these scientific and technological terms are well-known, there is still a long way to go before the real benefits of these smart products are realized.
          Speaking of people now widely used smart products, in addition to smart phones, the most well-known smart device is undoubtedly a smart bracelet. But presumably we can feel, and now the smart bracelet has not been so fire a few years ago. In just a few years, the smart bracelet market has experienced ups and downs from the initial introduction of the product to the red, then to the growing depression.

          Once upon a time, smart hardware companies unlimited scenery

          Smart products have attracted more than 60 million high-tech wearable devices in the global market in 2011. The global market is expected to sell nearly 70 million smart wears by 2017 Equipment, intelligent technology, the rapid progress of the direct promotion of smart wearable devices into the public line of sight.

          Smart bracelet is a kind of wearable smart device, users can record real-time data of exercise, sleep, diet in daily life through smart bracelet and synchronize these data with mobile phone to play the role of guiding healthy living through data . Among the many smart wearable devices, smart bracelets have attracted the attention of many young consumers for their compact appearance, novelty and smart features. In addition, in recent years, 90 users began to focus on health, the popularization of the user's healthy lifestyle also let the smart bracelet quickly fiery up.

          2017-2022 China smart bracelet industry market supply and demand forecast depth research report shows that in 2015, the domestic smart bracelet market reached 4.5 billion yuan, the size of the smart bracelet market in 2016 reached 5.6 billion yuan and is expected to be in 2017 Will reach 7 billion yuan in size, with an average growth rate of 15% or more. In the broad "money" scene and prospects, Jawbone, millet, Huawei and other technology companies rushing into the market, you want to get a few pieces of cake from the smart bracelet blank market.

          2011 Jawbone company put down the mature speaker, headphone product line, transition to do smart bracelet. Then Jawbone got a lot of money with the help of a boom in wearables, which in 2014 was valued at up to 3.2 billion U.S. dollars. The domestic smart bracelet really a night burst may be smart bracelet in the advent of millet. In 2014, millet smart phones quickly attracted the attention of domestic consumers with an ultra-low price of 79 yuan, and then smart bracelet was launched in the era of smart wear. As of 2017 millet bracelet shipments have exceeded 30 million.

          Compared to the low price of millet, Huawei bracelet price positioning for the medium, and rely on the accumulation of mature technology and good market reputation, Huawei bracelet in the smart wear market performance is very bright. According to IDC's statistics, Huawei's smart wearable devices sold 1.6 million units in Q3 of 2017, up from 600,000 units sold in the same period.

          Pre-accumulation of technology and consumer support for smart products, coupled with the pursuit of capital, smart bracelet ushered in a big explosion, a smart bracelet staff, was a standard technology fashion. However, just a few years later, the smart bracelet market came Jawbone collapse, the decline of sales of millet smart bracelet news ... ...

          Today, smart bracelet reduced to tomorrow's yellow flower

          Unfortunately, smart bracelet industry is not good, shortly after the hot and then rapidly decline, and eventually disappear in the memory of the big crowd in the tide. Smart bracelet manufacturers ups and downs, just can use the phrase "seeing him from the tall buildings, seeing him feast guests, seeing his flat collapsed" to conclude.

          First, from the death of Jawbone smart bracelet decline

          Before transforming the smart bracelet, Jawbone's three iconic products: Bluetooth headsets, speakers, Up smart wristbands are well received by consumers. After the transformation in 2011, the production of Jawbone smart products was mainly based on smart bracelets. In 2014, when the smart bracelet was in a big eruption, Jawbone gained large-scale financing and the valuation was as high as 3.2 billion U.S. dollars. However, Jawbone finally failed to meet financial difficulties after experiencing 18 years of existence and glory. Jawbone started the liquidation procedure in July 2017 and the tall building collapsed.

          At that time, Jawbone research and development of stylish smart bracelet UP, you can record the number of heart check, sleep measured at a price of 900 yuan to 1,200 yuan, in Jawbone a dominant stage, smart bracelet UP is online hot sale Explosions. However, smart bracelet manufacturing costs low, most smart bracelet ex-factory price is probably three or four dollars. Jawbone's selling price is too high, while others are willing to try fresh things, the freshness of people's favor of smart bracelets disappear.

          Then, after more smart bracelet manufacturers to enter the market, Jawbone no exclusive advantages, product defects are also gradually revealed. On the one hand, domestic manufacturers sell low-cost and functionally similar smart bracelet, a great impact on the Jawbone. For example: with a record number of check heartbeat and other functions of the millet bracelet only cost 79 yuan, which makes Jawbone moment no advantage. On the other hand, Jawbone smart bracelets lack innovation, lack of bright spots, and smart bracelet in addition to pedometer and the so-called heartbeat, there is no other eye-catching innovative features.

          In fact, the core competition of intelligent products lies in technology, service and cost performance. Jawbone's death has its own factors: the first product does not support Bluetooth, but also prone to quality problems crashes, both in technology and services have made a mistake. There are also external factors: Awbone's bankruptcy reflects the intelligent wear industry competition intensified. Of course, other smart wearables manufacturers are not doing well. According to IDC, millet sales in the third quarter were about 3.6 million units, down 3.3% from 3.7 million units in the same period last year. What is more, Intel shut down the wearable business, Fitbit share declining, many of the bracelet manufacturers have also started to switch.

          Second, the decline of the smart bracelet market blamed three major factors

          Eventually, the smart bracelet is no longer the public eye science and technology gadgets, and many newborn Internet products, smart bracelets also began to move from the economic tone to calm. The public's eyes are sharp, as the outside world on the death of Jawbone speculation, the smart bracelet industry, the reasons for the cold can be attributed to the following points:

          First, the low-cost competition that accompanies the burn-in has become increasingly intense. In the domestic consumer market, the first factor affecting consumers' purchasing is often price rather than function and brand. Throughout the various industries in China we can see the monopoly of low prices, serious homogeneity and uneven product quality of the industry status quo, the smart bracelet market as well, the higher the sales price is the lowest brand, a high-end, High-priced international manufacturers bracelet sales is actually not ideal. When the high-end manufacturers have closed down, the lower end of the small factory suffered a market crash more defeated.

          Second, product positioning affect the future development. Looking at the history of the development of people's daily necessities, smart phones replace the traditional mobile phones, smart furniture to replace traditional furniture, all illustrate the comfortable, convenient and practical smart products are people's constant pursuit. However, the current smart bracelet hardware and software features also have the subversive and scalability, and life is short, high cost and high prices and other issues also restrict the development of smart bracelets. In other words, the smart bracelet technology and category development is not perfect, nor is it necessities, it is unlikely to be like smart phones, smart furniture, like changing our lives in all aspects.

          Three, smart bracelet product homogeneity serious. Currently launched smart bracelet are more similar in function, the main function is nothing more than pedometer, call reminder, monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, sleep quality and so on. Therefore, the root cause of the decline in the popularity of smart bracelet is still product homogeneity, features such as chicken ribs basic illnesses.

          In general, whether it is external factors or their own factors, the death of smart bracelet chief Jawbone makes people feel pity. At the same time that the market is declining, people are beginning to speculate that the next intelligent hardware company that fails to shut down will have millet, Huawei and other domestic brands. After all, the smart bracelet market is going downhill.

          Smart bracelet manufacturers recharge your batteries, comeback is still expected

          Although most of the manufacturers of smartbands have entered the bottleneck period, the pace of updating and updating of technologies has not slowed down. With the effective support of mobile Internet, cloud computing and big data, the market for technology products has shifted from the initial product function Solve the pain point of intelligent users to move forward. With leading technology to bring users smart, comfortable lifestyle, it is the consumer under the escalating consumer pursuit.

          For businesses, on the one hand, smart bracelets need to innovate to grow faster as one of the tools people use to make smart living. In fact, smart bracelet manufacturers are also beginning to explore innovative products intended to achieve, for example, with a 50-meter waterproof, scientific sleep and other functions Huawei bracelet, Samsung foldable curved screen smart bracelet are smart bracelet innovative performance. As a hot commodity in the journey of mobile smart wearable device in China, smart bracelet represents a deep extension of leading technology in specific fields and has a long way to go in the future.

          On the other hand, from the perspective of the entire industry, the smart bracelet industry is shifting from extensive mode of development to fine-tuning. The current competitive landscape accelerates the development of smart bracelet, smart bracelet in technology and practical applications have innovative significance. Therefore, the future of smart bracelet need to target different needs of the crowd, precision force, and even look at the health, sports, fashion and other areas outside the deep plowing.

          As in nature, "natural selection, the survival of the fittest," the same way to survive, smart bracelet shopping malls such as the battlefield, smart wearable industry is facing a major reshuffle, smart bracelet only stable low valley in order to reborn to higher Technology advances. So, the current downturn of the smart bracelet will not last long. With the rapid technological innovation, the future small smart bracelet is likely to burst into huge energy ......

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