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Smart bracelet, smart watch the number of popular street Moments

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          Recently, the number of sunbirth has been popular in their Moments, "how many steps you have gone today?" Has become the next baby, sun food, the Moments another hot topic. Everyone in the Moments in their own daily walking record, and even some people rushed to the top of the night and run away sprint, in a competitive atmosphere, "universal" hiking intensified.

          Walking is a good physical and mental activities, but excessive exercise but adverse health. Network exposure of many WeChat users due to excessive exercise and suffering from periostitis. Fitness experts suggest that exercise should be moderate, but should be gradual, walking can also play a new tricks, such as with the back, kick, swing arm and other actions.

Wechat Moments with smart bracelet or smart watch

          The number of popular sweep Moments
          Mr. Liu is a friend of his colleagues in the eyes of the movement of people, his daily steps are more than ten thousand steps. WeChat movement of the first few people can occupy a friend's WeChat campaign cover, in order to seize the cover with friends, Mr. Liu walk every day to work. "My home is about 3 kilometers to the company, and I will walk about 6 kilometers a day on the working day," said Mr. Liu, "in my circle of friends."
          Mr. Liu said, starting from the beginning of the WeChat function is to seek fresh, just started with friends first, colleagues, friends, family are happy in which a long time to form a habit. He said: "In the evening my family at dinner to watch TV, and now in my encouragement, my family had dinner together went out to walk the number of steps."
          Engaged in the copy of the work of Ms. Guo sedentary, usually do not like the movement of her doctor's advice began to try jogging. "In the prelude to the national movement, the City Sports Bureau and the sports associations organized an active hiking, marathon, the Marathon, the Marathon, the Marathon, the Marathon, the Marathon, the Marathon, the Marathon, the Marathon, the Marathon, the Marathon, the Marathon, the Marathon , Fluorescent run and other activities, I often participate in the number of steps in the sun at the same time can know more like-minded friends.
          The number of entertainment fitness fitness correct
          Since the "WeChat movement" after the launch, it's step-by-step feature set off a new family of young life fashion, has become a lot of people friends every day will be drying the project. "Want to occupy the cover need to run or brisk walking in a circle of friends while also exercise the body, do both, why not do it." Many "Sunbie" have such an idea. Many people in order to compete for the first, and friends "secretly fighting step", turned "runaway" family, more than 10,000 rows, or even tens of thousands of steps.
          Many people and friends strive to upstream, the use of rest time "runaway" exercise. However, excessive exercise is often easy to hurt the joints. Fitness coach Zheng Kang said that walking is one of the most basic movement of human one of the way, but also the most simple, most easy to adhere to the most cost-effective way of exercise, scientific walking to a large extent to meet the crowd on the fitness demand. Moderate exercise can enhance the body's immune system, reduce weight, reduce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, is a good way to fitness. However, if excessive exercise will be counterproductive.
          Network exposure to WeChat users due to excessive walking caused by periostitis example, Zheng Kang money suggested that the public in the walk, you can change the pattern, with back to go, kick, swing arm and other actions, or massage the stomach meridian, "Especially for the heart of the elderly in the elderly, walking should be fast combination, so there are Zhang Chi.
          The number of steps must be the first step, and now can calculate the number of steps of the equipment, software, plug-in more and more, WeChat movement, WeChat movement and APP is the most commonly used step tool.
          WeChat movement interface is the most concise, function, activities are also very streamlined. The first row of the number of people who can occupy other people's WeChat campaign cover, participants can also praise each other, in addition to WeChat every day there will be donation of the number of public projects, the sponsor will donate the amount of the amount of donated the corresponding amount.
          APP can be used with a variety of accessories to count, such as smart bracelet, smart watches, smart running shoes, etc., the use of these accessories to make the pace more accurate. Compared to WeChat movement, the pace of APP activities and functions more complete. The pace of APP can not only calculate the length of exercise and consumption of calories, you can also calculate the total moving mileage. APP with bracelet also sedentary reminder function, for an hour without active bracelet will shock reminders.
          Therefore, the emergence of smart bracelets and smart watches, increasing the amount of people's exercise. Sedentary reminder function can also effectively prevent the office population of the lumbar spine, cervical and other problems. Dongguan Fit-Watch CO., LTD. dedicated to the development and production of intelligent wear, used to enhance people's health to make a force.

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