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Smart bracelet to heat up emotion

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          Pregnancy 10 months of the process, the couple must be common adjustment, conversion mentality, the physiological response of the mother is more obvious, morning sickness, fetal movement is a common phenomenon, my father can only listen across the stomach? "Do not understand the hardships during pregnancy" is the complaint of each pregnant woman to her husband, in order to solve the problem and make the close relationship between husband and wife, not to reduce because of pregnancy, Nordic Switzerland diapers brand Líbero and creative agency Volontaire cooperation to launch a Named Baby Bazz smart bracelet.
          This is a "right" bracelet, were worn on the hands of her husband and wife, as long as the fetus kicked the mother's belly, the wife's bracelet will be able to get it, and at the same time send shock to her husband's bracelet , Not subject to time and geographical constraints; also developed a corresponding App, record each fetal movement, so novice parents know the child's growth status.
APP interaction
          Through the video platform, participating couples will share their experiences with more than 82 million films. It is also attracting many media coverage. It is understood that Baby Bazz will not be mass-produced, but free to Líbero's own children's care community Libero Club members experience.
          Smart bracelets manufacturer-Dongguan Fit-Watch reports.

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