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The suspect wears a smart bracelet outside the activity area to call the police

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The delegation visited the capital

To be worn by a criminal suspect

          On the afternoon of November 29, 18 delegations (including China) from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, the ASEAN Police Organization, Southeast Asia and neighboring countries came to the Law Enforcement and Case Management Center of Haidian Public Security Bureau to observe the locations of law enforcement offices in the capital of China. Details Understand the mode of work, foreign counterparts in Beijing have one after another on the whole process of law enforcement law enforcement praise.

          Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that Haidian Public Security Bureau law enforcement and case management center is the city's first law enforcement case management center, the most prominent feature is "intelligent." After handling the suspects arrested by the criminal suspects, the handling units will make an appointment to bring the suspects to the reception hall and automatically compare the information with the relevant handling system through the facial recognition system to verify the relevant information of the suspects, register the suspects, and generate a unique code , Wearing smart bracelets provide the basis.
          The suspect wearing a smart bracelet has four functions: First, keep abreast of the situation and activities of the suspect in the case center; Second, the video capture, that is, the suspect wearing a bracelet, from his recent audio and video monitoring system Will be automatically activated bracelet, the acquisition of suspects activities at any time, and stored in the background; Third, the suspects basic information, information and case involved all the handling process through the bracelet software system automatically bind the completion of the case The system automatically generates a complete electronic files and electronic files; fourth is abnormal activity alarm, the suspect beyond the safe area, strenuous exercise or destructive to open the bracelet, will trigger the alarm, the police found will promptly go to see the disposal, To ensure safety.
          In addition, the "one-stop" handling of law enforcement case management center, that is, personal security of suspects, information collection and storage of goods and other work pipeline, significantly improve work efficiency. Specifically, the suspects enter the waiting area before the preparation of all completed in the reception hall, here is divided into three areas: personal safety inspection area, the standardization of information collection area and storage area. In the personal safety inspection area, through careful inspection to prevent the occurrence of prohibited items and so hide the same time, 999 doctors will conduct a corresponding physical examination of suspects.After the full inspection, the suspects wear identification suits and go through the security check again to enter the information gathering area. In this area, the suspects' personal information will be standardized and collected, and will be pushed to the handling police through the intelligent system to assist the handling of cases.
          Finally, the suspect to the article storage area, by reading the smart bracelet read the information automatically allocated lockers. After counting the suspects' articles, the police took pictures one by one and automatically uploaded them to form a graphic and bracelet binding to generate a list of personal belongings, locked by the suspects, custodial policemen and the tripartite police investigators. Need to open the cabinets to store or extract items, only the presence of the suspects, by reading the bracelet can be achieved to protect the suspects property security.

          After the visit, all the delegations praised the entire process of police enforcement in the Chinese capital. They said they will learn from the advanced experience here and push their law enforcement standards to rise.

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