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Smartwatches point the way to smart wearable devices

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          According to a report released by IDC, the global wearable market is still weak. In the third quarter of 2017, total shipments reached 26.3 million units, only maintaining a slight growth of 7.3%. Earlier IT research and consulting firm Gartner survey showed that nearly 29% and 30% of smartwatches and fitness trackers were abandoned.
          In July of this year, Jawbone, the smart bracelet maker that once had the highest valuation of 3.2 billion U.S. dollars, was considered the unicorn of Silicon Valley. Fitbit, Gopro and other American smart hardware star companies, all appeared in the stock plunge in July before and after, Fitbit shares fell by about 60% in the past year. Smart bracelets are basically out of all manufacturers booth.
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          However, the growth rate of smart watches is relatively fast, reaching 61%. In the third quarter of this year, Apple watches sold 3.9 million units, up 500,000 units from the second quarter and accounted for 23% of the market for wearables. To some extent, smart watches are becoming the mainstream category of wearable devices.
          Smartwatch has become the mainstream for several reasons:
          1. Differentiation between smart watches and smartphones Differentiated using scene needs.
          2. Get rid of the smart phone to become a standalone product.
          3.AI voice interaction, get rid of the limitations of the screen.
          4. In the field of functional homogeneity with smart phones to do more convenient and experience more efficient.
          Wearable device manufacturers from the momentum of the past few years to the recent decline of more than two years, wearables and no one imagined the rapid development. Smart wearable device manufacturers may be able to learn from the design of smart watches, timely improvement.

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