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Usually watch the watch are charged to the strap who has seen charging?

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          Since the introduction of Apple Watch smart watch Apple, a wave of wearable devices has also been pushed to the peak, those who usually do not wear a watch on the wrist also more than a smart watch. Compared with ordinary watches, smart watches need to use the trickle of the normal use, but you have to say that the strap should be charged to use this thing? If you do not know, that Sony let you know now, Sony recently released wena wrist strap, it can be used in addition to the dial with a watch strap, you can also separate out to do the bracelet, is not it sounds very senior ? 
wena wrist pro
          It is reported that Sony was originally still in the design stage wena wrist strap will launch a real production version, including two wena wrist pro and wena wrist active. The former for the average user, using a stainless steel metal material, which is mainly for sports people, using a rubber material. Compared with the first generation of wena wrist, wena wrist generation of this generation the biggest difference is that the strap clasp embedded in an OLED screen, the contents can be displayed directly to inform the message.
wena wrist pro

          Sony said wena wrist pro in the appearance of the continuation of the first generation of styling design, using the same 316L stainless steel metal strap, with a full color OLED screen, the size of the first generation is narrower and more slim, the overall volume reduction About 25%. In terms of functionality, wena wrist pro supports 6 kinds of Japanese wireless payment capabilities in Japan, 450,000 stores, supermarkets, pharmacies shopping. And the most basic features like smart bracelet, such as pedometer, calorie consumption, sleep / record are included.
wena wrist pro charging
          The wena wrist active is a sports version, using a soft rubber material, I believe the feel will be more comfortable than the metal, the same function wena wrist pro, but increased GPS and optical heart rate detection, after all, the sports version What In addition, life, these two bands allegedly can be kept for a week, in the absence of electricity need to charge through a dedicated charging clip. On the other hand, both straps have a waterproof function (5 standard atmospheres), Bluetooth 4.2, compatible with Android 5.0 or iOS 8.0 and above systems, and can be monitored and set up with an exclusive APP program. Of course, since it is the strap can also be buckled on the dial, into a complete watch to use, for those users of the mechanical watch, change the root strap is equivalent to having a block smart watch? ! It is also wonderful.
wena wrist pro smart bracelet and smart watch
          Wena wrist pro will be on sale December 21 in Japan market, with silver and black versions, priced at about 2200 yuan and 2320 yuan; sports version wena wrist active scheduled for sale in early March 2018, the only The black version, priced at about 1740 yuan, but to note that this is only the price of the strap, does not include the dial. For smart watch users, after not only the watch to be charged, even the strap should be charged together too!

          Smart wearable manufacturer-Dongguan Fit-Watch reports.

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