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          With the rise of outdoor sports, now has a powerful outdoor smart watches, has also gradually come into people's attention. However, the face of those dazzling array of products on the market, we exactly how to choose? 

          The first thing to understand is that the purpose of buying a professional outdoor sports smart watch is simple enough to allow us to exercise better. Therefore, the watch should focus on sports data monitoring and environmental changes such as exploration and other functions.


          Although there are many models of smart sports watches on the market, but remove some of the no-name no-name, mostly from the Suunto, Garmin, Casio and Fit-Watch these four brands.

          Garmin: The earliest is to do GPS started, since its establishment more than 20 years of history, is well-known GPS handset manufacturers. Its sports watch produced by the large number of models to meet the different needs of users, the product flagship multi-function positioning. In actual use, both the measurement accuracy and industrial design are very trustworthy.
Garmin series
          Suunto: Originally designed to provide Finnish troops during World War II with equipment to distinguish between ice and snow, it is the world's top manufacturer of outdoor sports equipment. Its products have a fine division, the basic of each sport has its own corresponding professional sports watch.
Suunto smart watch
          Casio: drop resistance is the best CASIO Casio qualifications, its own product line is extremely rich, different series can be used for a variety of environments, even in this limit of -20 ° C can still be normal The operation.
Casio smart watch
          Fit-Watch: A good sports watch brand in China, with a high degree of attention in the sport smart watches. Compared with the above three brands, although slightly less functionally, but the victory over the high cost.

          Pick a suitable smart outdoor sports watch, the most crucial is to look at its use of the scene, usually divided into: mountaineering, running, diving, these three categories.
Mountaineering, running, diving
          Mountaineering: Since it is used for mountaineering, in addition to the usual north-facing orientation, GPS and thumbnail maps, it is best to have the function of mountain height measurement and real-time elevation for the climber to calculate the next course of travel And oxygen consumption.

          Running: For the average runner (rider), the most important thing is to always understand their own physical condition, so a smart watch for running jogging, must be equipped with heart rate, temperature and other measurements Features.

          Diving: As an integral part of diving, GPS, water level gauges, thermometers and glare lighting are all essential features. And in general the watch reads 30 meters, 50 meters waterproof does not fly, only the water depth of 100 meters or more, to take it to work underwater.


          From the material point of view, the current outdoor watch stainless steel, titanium, rubber, carbon fiber, ceramic and several other materials, each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

          Stainless steel: durable, easy to clean, the disadvantage is easy to scratch.

          Titanium: light texture, high strength, corrosion resistance, as well as hypoallergenic features, the disadvantage is the high cost of grinding, so the price is slightly more expensive.

          Rubber: Waterproof and wear-resistant, light and comfortable, flexible flexibility, fit perfectly with the wrist when worn, the disadvantage is easy to aging.

          Carbon fiber: waterproof sweat is not sticky, the higher the value of the color, the disadvantage is easy to crack.

          Ceramic: Wear light and gentle, high hardness, unlike steel strap so easy to scratch, the disadvantage is that fear of throwing, a fall on the broken. . . .

          So, if you pick a smart sports watch worn on mountaineering, Jun Jun recommended everyone to choose a stainless steel watch to prevent bump damage during exercise. And running and diving it, in order to reduce physical exertion during exercise, lightweight and comfortable rubber material is believed to be a good choice.


          In general, the current mainstream outdoor smart watches on the premise of opening the sport mode, life should be more than 24 hours, enough for us to use the usual. And like Casio launched a professional outdoor mountaineering table, it is the use of light-driven, so you can treat it as never before.


          Smart watches on the market due to different functions, brands and other factors, the price will naturally jagged, there are tens of thousands of expensive, there are also a few hundred dollars cheaper. Therefore, before we buy, we must first consider the price range we can afford, and then clear the functional requirements, from which to choose a suitable watch.

         To buy these standards is correct

          Diving watch

          Suunto D4i NOVO

          Adopted the song extension extension of the unique continuous decompression algorithm to support the air, high oxygen, free, closed four diving mode, the cylinder residual pressure instructions and closed breath diving mode set in one display. Strap with a soft silicone material to ensure wear comfort. Built-in Suunto DM5 graphical diving planner, can help you easily create a diving log.
Suunto D4i NOVO
          Suunto Core

          Designed for outdoor sports to create, features exceptionally rich. Not only equipped with the altimeter, barometer, compass and other essential mountain climbing several major functions, but also comes with the depth meter, sunrise and sunset, storm reminders and other useful features, in advance to prevent the weather may come for your escort . Only in the time mode, the battery life up to one year.
Suunto Core
          If you think the above song extension of this watch is not enough mighty, but life time can not meet your requirements, then the Casio watch this mountaineering believe I will not let you down.
Casio PRW-6100YT
          Equipped with several core functions of altimeter, barometer and compass as well as automatic radio function, it is actually on the top of Everest. It can also show you the correct time in the area. Because of the use of light-driven, so life is certainly not a problem.

          Running smart watches

          Suunto Spartan Sport

          Using optical heart rate detection technology from Valencell, heart rate monitoring is supported around the clock. More than 80 sports modes are set, ranging from routine pedometer functions to recording running time and routes, cycling, swimming, triathlon, hiking and even skiing.
Suunto Spartan Sport
          For a professional runner, the appropriate reduction of unnecessary physical exertion, is the key to winning during exercise, this watch body made of fiber reinforced polymer material, weighing only 49 grams, wearing when running, The basic feeling of its existence.
Garmin Forerunner 935
          Equipped with optical heart rate detection technology, but also supports advanced running dynamic data, remove the speed, distance, time not to say, even the ground contact time statistics.

          Fit-Watch F1

          Sometimes, in the eyes of many pragmatic classmates, the price is very important. So especially for everyone to recommend a Fit-Watch F1 sports smart watch.

Fit-Watch F1

          Pedometer, distance, sports time, calories, stopwatch, alarm clock and other functions all have, and supports IP68 waterproof.

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