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Smart Wearable TVG Remote Smart Watch Get rid of the remote control

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          In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standard, household appliances of various purposes have become more and more popular, and the trend of intelligent appliances has become increasingly evident. At present, using the remote control to control the work of various household appliances has become a part of our daily life.

TVG smart remote control watch

          The invention of the remote control has brought great changes to the modern home life and is a sign that people's home life is going to be intelligent. However, as the number of home appliances increases, more and more remote controllers with similar appearances but different functions appear to be in the same room overnight. Not only makes it difficult for ordinary people to quickly find the target remote control tool, Usually lost in frustration, find the remote control appliance is undoubtedly more like a torture. Originally supposed to bring convenience to life tools, it has become ruined originally fairly comfortable home life "culprit", can not help but make people laugh and cry.

TVG smart remote control watch2

          The face of the current proliferation of household appliances remote control status quo, the well-known watch brand TVG R & D design team to break the traditional watch design concept, in-depth thinking of the era of smart home users "pain points", innovative launched a new smart wearable TVG smart remote control watches. Many people in the industry concerned.

          Unlike other smart wearable devices on the market, TVG smart remote control watch main smart remote control concept, with a very powerful intelligent remote control. Users just need 3 seconds, you can complete the remote control smart TVG remote control copy function. Not only common home smart TVs, set-top boxes, etc. but also can be a key to set the smart remote control. And even projectors and other office supplies, the same goes without saying, and also supports a multi-device remote control to switch freely between functions. Can help the elderly and people who love to drop off easily to get rid of the pain of looking for a remote control every day.

          It is understood, TVG smart remote control watch function is also very simple to use. Even for the elderly, simply try once or twice, but also get started quickly. So as to help the elderly, like ordinary people, enjoy the convenience of smart home technology brought about by life.

TVG smart remote control watch3

          It is worth mentioning that the watch brand also introduced TVG mini smart socket, the user simply by intelligent remote control smart watch socket control. You can a key smart remote control more common appliances, so advocating simple, convenient intelligent life , Easily create their own smart life new model.

          The quality, as a well-known watch brand with nearly 30 years of development history, TVG (, 137-1467-9879) will also inherit the fine watchmaking technology TVG smart remote control watch production, so that each user can experience the extraordinary quality of TVG products.

TVG smart remote control watch4
          At present, TVG intelligent remote control watches have synchronized landing TVG brands Lynx and Jingdong official flagship store, and Ivory white and cool black two colors available for users to choose, If you like the smart watches, you can buy it through the platform you feel convenient.

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          Smart watches manufacturer-Dongguan Fit-Watch Co., Ltd reports.

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