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Tencent Smart Watch crowdfunding has exceeded 2.39 million: smart wear and then waves

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          In August last year, Tencent marched into the smart watch field and launched the Tencent Pacewear S8 smart watch in the crowdfunding of Jingdong and achieved great success due to its unique "social" attribute. But obviously, this did not allow Tencent to meet. Today, Tencent and "spoiler" smart watches, as of crowdfunding ended, Tencent Pacewear HC smart watch crowdfunding amount has been 2.39 million yuan, far more than the original plan of 100000 yuan crowdfunding goal.
Tencent HC Smart Watch
          Exquisite appearance, caring design
          Such achievements, on the whole crowdfunding platform products also belong to the outstanding ranks, and Tencent HC watches to achieve this result, the main external causes, and it's eye-catching design is not unrelated. Tencent Pacewear HC by the Nordic team to create, 316L stainless steel black bracelets' body, and brushed metal complement each other, simple but not simple; 1.39-inch high resolution AMOLED screen, colorful, high brightness, fast response at the same time, The user experience is very excellent. Strap is pro muscle breathable TPU material, while the medial side also uses a corrugated design, easy to perspiration.

Tencent HC Smart Watch2

          Dual-platform offline payment brings a different experience
          These years, the smart watch market in Apple's Apple Watch series, has been relatively calm, the fundamental reason is the homogenization of the function of smart watches is too serious, consumers do not have a good experience, and Tencent Pacewear HC watch appears, may be expected to ease this situation. Not only it has many basic functions, but also providing Hello Pace voice assistant for calling, checking the weather, finding food and other living services. You can also set up shortcut keys to complete one-touch payment of WeChat and Alipay dual platforms, and support offline payment function. Even if the phone is not around, the wearer can also use the watch to complete the payment quickly.

Tencent HC Smart Watch3

          There is no doubt that Tencent launched Tencent Pacewear HC Smart Watch market has injected new vitality. From its up to 2399% of the crowdfunding progress you can see that consumers recognize this watch, which indirectly proves that Tencent Pacewear HC smart watches have been set off in the field of smart watches is not a small splash. Before the watch is really on sale, we have reason to believe it will set off more waves.

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