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The Android Wear watch is expected to feature apple TrueDepth

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          The next generation of Android Wear devices is expected to equip radar devices like TrueDepth on the iPhone X. Recently, the concept sketch of Google drawing, the next generation of wearable devices is no longer just tasteless decorations, is a practical daily tool.Google based on the radar gesture recognition for the future of smart watches in the true sense of the "smart" definition.
          In the concept sketches presented this time, the radar technology used by Google for display is attached to the watch. It is not yet clear when it will be commercially available but will provide the future direction of development. One solution is to launch a radio wave from the back of your wrist, while the other solution is a positive launch.
          With this radar system, users can perform tasks with gesture commands. For example, the user can use a finger to turn on the light yellow; two fingers make the light blue and the possibility of gestures is limited to the user Hardware configuration and user-created imagination.
          The device has a similar iPhone X TrueDepth camera function, with signal transmitter and signal reader two functions. Basically, all of the elements on iPhone X are available on the next generation of products outlined by Google.
          In the morning, Google described the patent as early as June 2014. Relevant reports in September this year that Google has set up a project team named Project Soli inside Google to take special charge of recommending hand gestures.


          Smart wearable devices manufacturer-Dongguan Fit-Watch reports.

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