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Smart bracelet to promote the rapid rise of the wearable market, but the future belongs to smart watches

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          2017 is nearing completion. Looking back to the wearable device market of the past year, the smart bracelet will undoubtedly be the biggest winner if shipments are taken as the reference standard.
          International data research firm IDC recently released a report, the global wearable device shipments this year is expected to be 1.132 billion units in 2021 will reach 222.3 million units, a CAGR of 18.4%.
          Among them, the basic smart bracelet shipments this year is expected to be 45 million, accounting for 39.8% of the overall wearable device market, and by 2021, is expected to be 47.7 million shipments, the overall wearable device market 21.5%.
          From the above data is not difficult to see that the smart bracelet is still the market's most recognized class of wearable devices. However, we also noticed that the growth curve of such devices will gradually stabilize in the future.
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          A simple analysis of the reasons for the rapid growth of smart bracelet, in addition to the device itself, such as pedometer, heart rate detection and other basic functions to meet the needs of most people, a relatively low price can not be ignored as an important factor.
But a realistic situation is that from the beginning of 2014, until now three years have passed, the smart bracelet did not make much in terms of functionality. With the wearable device market matures, coupled with the improvement of market purchasing power, its attractiveness is also gradually beginning to decrease.
          So, after the smart bracelet, who will become the next to drive the wearables market to move on? The answer is a smart watch.
According to IDC's report, the basic watch this year's shipments are expected to 29.9 million, accounting for 26.4% of the overall wearable device market, 2021 shipments will reach 78 million, accounting for 35.1% of the overall wearable device market.
          Full-featured smartwatch shipments this year is estimated at 31.6 million units, accounting for 27.9% of the overall wearable device market, shipments in 2021 will reach 71.5 million, accounting for 32.1% of the overall wearable device market.
          The reason, in addition to more and more manufacturers to join the production of smart watches, functionality, such as the addition of cellular network version, will also attract more users.
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          Apple Apple 3, for example, the arrival of the LTE version, making it no longer limited by the iPhone, the use of the scene gained more possibilities. Prior to the analysis by professionals, support for cellular network calls LTE version accounted for only 30% to 40%, but the pre-orders for this version of Apple Watch has reached 80% -90%.
          Of course, although Apple Water 3 repeatedly bounced due to delays in carrier network support, Apple had to agree to return the Apple Watch 3 cellular version, but in the long run, once the problem was solved, the device Future market prospects worth the wait.
In conclusion, the market for wearable devices will be further developed, as Ramon Llamas, IDC research manager before, said: "The different trajectories of smart and basic wearable devices underscore the current evolution of the wearable device market. The cornerstone of the wearable device market, however, as consumer tastes and needs continue to shift to multi-function devices, manufacturers should make timely adjustments to seize the growth opportunity and gain market share. "
         Smart watches manufacturer-Dongguan Fit-Watch reports.

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