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The market for wearable devices is expected to have a good market

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          December 25 French media said a market forecasting agency on the 20th said that in the next few years, "wearable" smart devices (from smart watches to pedometer shoes) sales will nearly double.
          According to AFP, San Francisco, December 20, International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that shipments of the entire wearable device market will increase from 113.2 million this year to about 222.3 million by 2021.
          Ramon Llamas, IDC Wearables Team Manager, said: "The future of wearables will have more complete capabilities spanning everything from health and fitness to communication and efficiency. In fact, that will make today's Wearable devices look like antiques. "
Fitness tracker smart bracelets are the most popular wearables, but IDC predicts they will be marketed by fashion brands as smartwatches and those that connect directly to the Internet without the need to synchronize with smartphones replace.
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          IDC predicts that by 2021, the sales of smart watches led by Apple Watch will more than double to 71.5 million from 31.6 million this year.
          However, Gitshu Ubrani, a senior research analyst at IDC Mobile, said: "However, the challenge of keeping the (smartwatch) functional and healthier than others has not been overcome and it may not cost consumers much to buy Striking equipment will be a challenge, giving fashion leading brands the opportunity to come up with brilliant performance. "
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          Limas predicts that people will start using a variety of wearable computing devices, such as in-ear headphones with digital assistant capabilities or clothing with smart computing capabilities.
          In September, Levi's smart jeans co-developed with Google Inc. are on sale. For riders, this jacket has a cuff made from a special jacquard fabric that wirelessly syncs with a smartphone, giving the user a limited set of instructions by sliding or tapping.
          Levi's, a California-based landmark clothing manufacturer founded in the mid-19th century by the Gold Rush, now uses the jacket to tap the mobile Internet to thrive on the rich ore.

          Llamas said: "Traditional headsets will give you smartphones with health tracking, audio enhancements, or personal assistant features - the first wearable - to become healthier tracking Smart items, especially for professional athletes. "

          Smart wearable devices manufacturer-Dongguan Fit-Watch reports.

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