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The modular smartwatch Blocks are finally available

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          Blocks was a modular smart watch, first introduced in 2015 and at this year's CES, the company said the smart watch was on sale to the public.
Blocks smart watch
          Blocks, first released at CES 2015 three years ago, was then a very early prototype, but first it introduced the concept of a modular smart watch. In October 2015, Blocks was kicked off with Kickstarter crowdfunding promised to be delivered to supporters by May 2016 but without promises, the company opened its bookings to new customers in June 2016 and promised to release in late October Goods, but Blocks once again failed to deliver on promises. In September 2017, the company began delivering its first finished product to Kickstarter backers, and Blocks now officially announce it to the public.
Blocks smart watch 1
          The smart watch is priced at 259 US dollars (about 1689 yuan), this is only the core unit module. The user can select different functional modules that make up the strap. The modules include environmental sensors (temperature, pressure and humidity), additional batteries, GPS modules, heart rate sensors or LED flashlights for a total of six different modules As an option, the cost of each module is $ 35, and more modules are available later.

          Although the company said that Blocks began its full-scale listing, it did not provide the exact delivery date, only saying that the devices should be shipped sometime in the first quarter of 2018.
             The article reports by smart watches manufacturer-Dongguan Fit-Watch.

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