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These smart bracelets worth buying

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          Although the current smart bracelet market is very chaotic, and the homogenization of the phenomenon is particularly serious, but still can not stop the end-user spending heart. However, in the course of this purchase, end users still have to polish their eyes Kazakhstan, after all, the mixed case of fish are numerous. Moreover, the current smart bracelet industry point of view, but in fact has been slowly divided into high-end flagship and cost-effective two major categories of choice, including high-end flagship often on the thousands of dollars, while the price is the preferred basic one hundred or two can get. So see how you choose.
          For budgets are limited, and the pursuit of cost-effective and product brands and quality control of small partners, in fact, do not have to worry about how to choose, just look for which smart bracelet can be based on common functions to achieve their own needs, so It is in line with their own choice of chop single goal.
          Tencent Pacewear S8 sports social bracelet
          The first recommended smart bracelet product, which not only acts as a bracelet for sports pedometer, but also real-time data can be synchronized with the QQ campaign and WeChat campaign to get through, and which also involves the limelight leaderboard . In this way, both in the circle of friends sunbathing their sports glory, but also to achieve the purpose of healthy fitness, but also can be in the step-by-step competition ranking team PK and grab red envelopes and other social operations, this is the smart bracelet The charm of the place.
Pacewear S8
          In addition, Tencent Pacewear S8 sports bracelet also has a Nordic minimalist design, but also with TPU thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber wristband, and both dynamic black, glamorous red and noble gold tri-color version of the choice. The Tencent Pacewear S8 sports bracelet also has other brands of bracelet routine features, such as sleep monitoring, heart rate testing, super life and so on.
          Glory play A2

          For the glory brand, just released recently glory V10 can be described as a grand release, not only to see the glory of the flagship mobile phone appearance debut, while AI artificial intelligence better integrated into the flagship mobile phone, leading the development of AI mobile phone industry trend. In addition, glory Play A2 smart bracelet weight is also a lot of people pay more attention. Smart big screen, moving, that is it.
Glory play A2
          Glory play A2 equipped with 0.96-inch OLED screen, compared to the majority of smart bracelet in the screen is definitely far ahead of the proportion. It supports multi-point manipulation, resulting in a smoother touch of use over the OCA full-fit process. As for the lift wrist bright screen and fall wrist screen, So easy. In addition, it has a colorful color - the time blank, charm flame, magic black and green, more selective.
          In addition, glory play A2 single exercise data is displayed in real time, and its 24/7 motion monitoring is a must, the data is not comprehensive, and even time, mileage, calories, steps and pace and other information can be displayed .
          Mi band 2

          The Mi band, bracelet market ranking before the list, the shipments are still very alarming. In fact, the smart bracelet for the Mi band 2, the more they still tend to cost - for example, lift the wrist bright screen, incoming message tips, sleep heart rate monitoring, sedentary reminder, alarm clock, date and day of the week shows the number of steps Display, mileage display, calorie display and remaining capacity display and other functions.
Mi band 2
          As an extension of the previous generation of smart bracelet, Mi band 2 upgraded the sports pedometer algorithm, filtering in high frequency activity without movement, greatly improving the accuracy of the record, so that the daily step measurement data More accurate. In addition, to be able to claim the advantage, then it may unlock the phone secretly. According to the independent identity ID, the use of Mi band 2 near the Android phone, you can unlock the phone through the bracelet, more convenient.

          Fit-Watch F10 Heart Rate Smart Bracelet
F10 heart rate smart bracelet
          There are currently not many metal bracelets to achieve IP68 waterproof rating. Especially metal body signal transmission, we all know that metal shielding for the signal is fatal, but Dongguan Fit-Watch will also make this bracelet to the extreme. So recommend this smart bracelet.

          Although her small size, but full function. Heart rate, sleep monitoring, timekeeping, mileage display, calorie consumption, caller ID, sedentary reminders and other functions everything. Also very gratifying price, details, please contact Dongguan Fit-Watch.

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