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Uncover the popular bracelet waterproof routine

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          Your smart bracelet is really waterproof? Uncover the "popular bracelet" waterproof routine

          Smart wearable devices, hot abnormalities in recent years. As a smart wearable product that has attracted much attention in these years, its development trend has been the focus of the 3C digital industry. As of this year, Xiaomi bracelet shipments even exceeded 30 million, the best-selling Xiaomi bracelets made Xiaomi climbed to the world in wearable devices. Market research firm Gartner predicts that this year the global wearable device shipments of 310 million units, an increase of 16.7% over last year, the market size will reach 30.5 billion US dollars.

          "Smart bracelet's popular" has attracted wave after wave of business to follow suit, followed by one after another smart wearing products were eruptive. Many people are caught in the selection of difficulties, but smart bracelets, after all, is the electronic products, the biggest problem than "water", and "waterproof" is particularly important.

          Manufacturers in order to flaunt their products are also all the tricks, strange move, loss trick, here we take a look at the "well known" popular bracelet manufacturers is how to move.

          Routine I: The international IPX standard that makes people "hard to understand"
IP67 waterproof
          Xiaomi bracelet 2 promotional map

          IPxx level is the international standard for industrial waterproof grade, which is an international standard used by electronic products to test dustproof and waterproof. "XX" is a two-digit number, the first one indicates the degree of protection of the solid, the second one indicates the degree of protection of the liquid. There are seven levels of solid protection rating, said with 0-6; liquid protection level has nine levels, with 0-8, respectively. For example, if a product advertises itself to IP67 standards, then his level of dust is reached the standard level 6, water level 7.

          Dust level

          0: No protection

          1: Prevent large solids intrusion

          2: Prevent medium size solid intrusion

          3: prevent small solids from entering

          4: to prevent objects greater than 1mm into the solid

          5: prevent the accumulation of harmful dust

          6: completely prevent dust from entering

          Waterproof level

          0: No protection

          1: Dripping into the shell no effect

          2: When the shell is tilted to 15 degrees, dripping into the shell no effect

          3: Water or rain from the 60-degree angle to the shell no effect

          4: The liquid splashed into the shell from any direction without damage

          5: Rinse with water without any harm

          6: Can be used in the cabin environment

          7: Can withstand water immersion in a short time (1m)

          8: Under a certain pressure for a long time immersed in water

Xiaomi bracelet IP67, can not be said to be strictly waterproof, just refers to a simple half-hour immersion experiment, and only 1 meter depth.

          Routine II: avoidance on the light, from the reality
          Xiaomi bracelet 2 promotional map

          Back to Xiaomi bracelet 2 of the promotional map, we can see the above clearly read the shower can wear, but in fact any of a waterproof watch, whether it is marked anti XX meters, are not in hot water (> 40C °). There are two reasons: 1, water molecules in the case of elevated temperature greatly enhanced permeability, and all waterproof watches are based on cold water design. 2, according to the thermal expansion and contraction, in the hot water conditions, some components of the watch will have different degrees of expansion, resulting in the possible increase in the gap.

          The bathing water temperature should be between 35-40 ℃, slightly above the body temperature of 39 ℃ the most suitable. How many people bath can control the temperature so accurate?

          Routine III: "Digital Games" mixed audio-visual
50 meter waterproof
          Honor bracelets 3 promotional map

          Legendary 50 meters waterproof really can dive 500 meters?

          The answer is negative. The so-called support for a lot of bracelet XX meters waterproof, waterproof watch is used by the common standard. How many meters waterproof, just a waterproof used to indicate the specifications of the product, rather than the real sense of water can be 100 meters. That question is coming, waterproof watch test standard is how come?

          Physical phenomena, the underwater depth of 10 meters each will increase the pressure of 1 atmosphere, when the case inside and outside the pressure is uneven, the body will be prone to burst. Therefore, the general table factory are "pressure value" to test the watch waterproof function, and the compressive value (in units of BAR or ATM) to express the waterproof depth. The following is the watch waterproof specification definition:

          When the watch marked: 3ATM or 30 meters waterproof, which means the meaning is suitable for everyday use, can not be used for swimming or immersed in water; can resist a small amount of wash your face splash water and rain.

          When the watch is marked, 5ATM or 50 meters waterproof, it represents the meaning is suitable for short-range swimming in the shallows, not for diving or snorkeling.

          When the watch is marked, 10ATM or 100 meters waterproof, it means that is suitable for swimming and snorkelling.

          When the watch is marked, 20ATM or 200 meters waterproof, it means for the high impact of water in the sport and some diving activities, such as diving.

          According to this standard, to achieve 100 meters waterproof in order to achieve our daily "swimming." Instead of what we usually think of the real can dive 100 meters.

          We only use fact to talk, look at the video below:

                                               (Video is the use of IP68 waterproof standard bracelet to demonstrate.)
          The smart bracelet model is F10 heart rate smart bracelet, the ordinary version of the waterproof rating is IP67, the highest can be reach to IP68,it production by the smart wearable equipment manufacturer - Dongguan Fit-Watch CO., LTD.

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