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Woman with a smart watch for help

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          With the ever-changing technology, all kinds of electronic devices are gradually glowing on the emergency level, in addition to the phone can always be used for alarm help, the watch is the key moment of the treasurer, of course, is a smart watch.
          When a woman in Minnesota recently used a washing machine at home, she was injured by a sudden explosion of a washing machine, her body could not move, and her cell phone was also bounced to a distance. At last she asked for help from her husband with a smart watch.
exploding washing machine
          Baker, a woman with five children, said she had heard strange noise in the laundry room when she used the washing machine bought three years ago at home last week. When she stooped to check, the washing machine suddenly exploded, the door was knocked open, and the parts of the machine also flew off.
          Baker was bouncing off the ground, his body going backward, and was once in a coma for a head crash. When she woke up, trying to phone for help, but unable to move she failed to get the phone was bounced away.
          Baker finally succeeded in using a smart watch and dialing Noah, the husband who works at the fire station. He immediately rushed home to send his wife to the emergency room and the doctor diagnosed Beck's brain.

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