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YUNMAI first smart bracelet available

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          2018 US time January 9, CES officially opened the world's largest consumer electronics show, brought together from top manufacturers around the world in Las Vegas, the United States, displaying the most cutting-edge products and technologies.
          YUNMAI The world's first smart bracelet during the CES - YUNMAI FIT HR.
          It is reported that the bracelet combines the core functions of the current smart bracelet on the market, the use of ultra-thin metal body design to support 21 kinds of sports pattern recognition, real-time information browsing and AMS precise dynamic heart rate monitoring and calculation.
          In addition, the user can collect more than 10 sports data while exercising outdoor, and cooperate with Yunmai's own strong product intelligent body fat scale product to construct a complete body data monitoring and service closed-loop.

          This is Yunmai to wear a new consideration, in addition to FIT HR bracelet, Yumai future will release more imaginative watch categories.



         Smart bracelets manufacturer-Dongguan Fit-Watch reports.

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