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Children's smart watches have privacy and security issues

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          Currently on the market a variety of brands of children's smart watch layer is not poor, but if you think about it, in fact, no one needs a smart watch, but parents feel smart watch to contact the child to facilitate, figure a peace of mind. In this article, author Mark Wilson, a senior author at Fast Company, introduces the reader to a recently released report that strongly condemns the privacy and security issues in children's smartwatches.
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          No one needs a smart watch, but there seems to be a market in the eyes of parents. The smart watch is equipped with a GPS and cellular data chip to track the child's location, meet an emergency and contact the child without having to give the child a smart phone. Thus, market research firm Gartner believes that by 2021, 30% of smart watch sales may be for children.

          However, according to the latest research report recently released by the Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC) and security firm Mnemonic at BoingBoing, parents should think twice before buying a smart watch like Gator or Xplora for their children. why? Because these watches and their connected applications disregard those basic shared data options to join the protocol - which means there is no legal agreement between the user and the company that holds the user's data. The point is, there are no watches in the brand watch under investigation where you can delete the child's data and the watches do not ensure that marketers will not use the data to market the product to their children. They also did not state explicitly where all these data were stored. These practices do not only mean that they are simple and crude, they are unwilling to do so; rather, they are in fact illegal under the provisions of a country's privacy law.

          To make matters worse, the author of the report also fears that such a smart watch instills a "false sense of security" into the user. Children's smart watches have always respected its emergency call button, which can be used by children to share their geographic location or geo-fence when their child is in an emergency, so that when the child leaves a particular area, parents can receive a warning. But in fact, these features proved to be "unreliable" in NCC's real-world tests. Imagine if your iPhone was only able to get through the 911 for some time, which is a nightmare scenario. In this case, both parents and children may not receive feedback, not knowing that these safety measures are not working.

          Unfortunately, privacy leaks, poor security, and low reliability are commonplace for tech start-ups. Apple Watch and Google's Android Smart Watch device are not listed as part of this report for good reason, and privacy is by no means an issue for big business in Silicon Valley. But, as is common sense, these multi-billion dollar tech companies, which disclose their market capitalization, disclose how they use your information and how to protect that data, and those small and usual tech start-ups can do that much less. Apart from anything else, these tech giants are still relatively professional in this regard, and if they do not do so, their losses will be huge.

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