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Three ways to compare the heart rate of smart bracelet

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          With the development of smart wearable devices, smart bracelet has become a well-known health tracking product, it not only can record our daily activities, but also monitor our quality of sleep, and the new heart rate smart bracelet is for us provide the function of heart rate monitoring, we have more help to our sports health, then the heart rate smart bracelet is the way to monitor the body's dynamic heart rate it? Here's your answer.
Heart rate monitoring
          In general, the heart rate monitoring methods are usually divided into three types:
          One is the photoelectric transmission measurement method, in principle, the contact of the bracelet with the skin sensor emits a beam of light striking the skin, measuring the reflected / transmitted light. Because the blood absorbs light of a particular wavelength, each time the heart pumps blood, the wavelength is absorbed in large quantities to determine the heartbeat. However, the disadvantage is the large power consumption, while interference by ambient light. Smart bracelet or watch currently on the market to monitor heart rate function is mostly used photoelectric transmission measurement method.
ECG test schematic diagram

          There is another way is to test the ECG signal, the sensor of the bracelet can measure the heart rate of the user by measuring the electrical signals of myocardial contraction, the principle and the similar principle of ECG. The disadvantage is that the circuit is more complicated, occupy a larger PCB space, susceptible to electromagnetic interference, while the sensor must be close to the skin, place a relatively fixed position, it is difficult to have this measure bracelet before.But now,Dongguan Fit-Watch CO., LTD. has produced a new smart bracelet with ECG test function--F16 ECG test smart bracelet.

F16 ECG test smart bracelet

          In addition, there are vibration measurement, only products come out recently. Because each heartbeat can cause body vibration, this kind of vibration can be captured by a high-precision sensor, and then the heartbeat can be obtained through signal processing. In general, products such as a smart cushion or a smart massager will adopt this measurement method, Bracelets are relatively rare.

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