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2022 hybrid smart watches will account for 50% of total shipments

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Nokia Steel HR

          We all know that very soon, including Nokia Steel HR, the Garmin Vivomove HR and many hybrid smart watches from the Fossil Group, we are about to meet consumers.

          According to a new Juniper Research study, by 2022, hybrid smartwatch shipments will account for 50% of global smartwatch total shipments, and this distance is still less than 5 years.

          From the data point of view, by 2022, hybrid smart watches in shipments will reach 80 million, while in 2017 this figure is only 14 million, an increase of 460%. By contrast, traditional smartwatches such as the Apple Watch and the Fitbit Ionic increase only 160% by 2022.

          According to this study, the growth of traditional smart watches is relatively slow, mainly because these smart watches are equipped with full-touch operating screen, and pre-installed Android Wear operating system. At the same time, including Huawei, Motorola and Sony and other manufacturers have slowed the progress of the development of smart watches. For example, in the just past CES 2018 International Consumer Electronics, none of the above three companies launched any new smart watch products.

          But that does not mean that traditional smart watches slowly lose their appeal. Companies such as Apple, Casio and Samsung have focused their products on areas like fitness and sports tracking, allowing more people to choose different products to their liking.

          Although hybrid smartwatches are very popular, Juniper expects companies to gradually reduce the watch's product model and type in the future. The only exception is Fossil, which currently offers a large selection of hybrid smartwatches and traditional smartwatches that will reach 6 million by 2022.

          In terms of functionality, the agency predicts 50% shipment of smartwatches that support GPS positioning in 2022. In contrast, the increase in NFC capabilities is much smaller. Although this may give some disappointment. However, we still think NFC-based contactless payment will become the main function of smartwatches in the future.

          Including fashion brands, Swiss watchmakers and Camry, Casio and other sports watch brands, including, have introduced a hybrid smart watch products, and perhaps this is not surprising. Products like Apple Watch, Fitbit Ionic and Samsung Gear S3 that support standalone network connections are also gaining in popularity.

          As same as Nokia smart watch,Dongguan Fit-Watch pulled out of a new smart watch, as shown below:

          The smart watch uses two pointers. Because many people stop using smart bracelets or smart watches because of charging troubles, this watch uses a button battery inside for up to 6 months, abandoning the charging mode, and bidding farewell to the day and charging to make the customer experience more perfect.
          Currently this watch is still in the final stages of testing, will be available in the first quarter of 2018. Price to be determined.

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