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iPod father designed a smart watch

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          Science and technology industry has just finished busy for CES, the watch industry has a long history in Switzerland immediately held the Geneva International Watch Fair (SIHH2018). In addition to the introduction of a variety of commemorative major brand watches, concept edition, engraved series, some new brands have also emerged in the wild, hoping to break with the new concept of traditional shackles. The Belgian brand Ressence, known for its "super hard" watches, introduced a newly designed crown 2 at SIHH that combines a traditional mechanical watch with a smart watch.
Type 2 smart watch
          Regardless of Apple Watch, sports bracelet or LV and other luxury launch of the Android table, the watch world will be clearly divided into smart watches and traditional mechanical watches two categories. Mechanical watch lovers, still indulging in the fine craftsmanship, daily care and exchange of carefully preserved the beauty of history. The smart watch is gradually replaced by the status of quartz watch, allowing players to experience the interactive experience of mobile devices other than smart phones.
Fossil Q
          Of course, there are many brands trying to combine these two areas. For example, without changing the mechanical watch based on the Montblanc wristbands have been hidden in the wristband. Or, Fossil Q series, the electronic watch chip into a smart chip, but keep the electronic watch dial.
Type 2 smart watch
          Coming soon, the Type 2 crown also features a similar concept that combines the power of a smartwatch with a traditional wristwatch, but this time around, they'll be combining digital and mechanical watches. Ressence invited the iPod's chief design, Nest founder Tony Fadell to provide Type 2 technical guidance. They added basic smart features to Type 2, including Bluetooth and App designs.

          Unlike other watches with smart wristwatches, this watch from Ressence is based on a mechanical watch and a guideline, so the functionality and care about the mechanical watch's functions, maintenance, and timekeeping are all preserved. Intelligence is simply added as watch value and added extra. Therefore, in addition to automatically adjust the time, sunshine power, time zone adjustment and other basic functions, similar to the basic movement of Apple Watch records have not been added, of course, can not even compare with the sports smart watch.
Type 2 smart watch
          In fact, Type 2 provides users with three modes of use: full mechanical mode, full smart App mode, and semi-smart mode. The so-called semi-automatic mode refers to the user can still manually adjust the time, and the smart crown will automatically time accurate to the second process, the traditional fun and smart precision together.

          Although the Bluetooth portion of the watch requires battery power, it is a smart watch that does not require charging. Powered by solar and exercise, the dial contains 10 tiny shutter-type solar panels that automatically turn on when the watch is connected to the App or is low on power. And even if the power is low, the watch can still be a key to automatically adjust the time, or in the absence of electricity to open the manual mode. For a watch, when no electricity can guarantee the most basic functions, is the most important.
Iphone X
          It is reported that this is still the model of the watch will be listed around June this year, hoping to provide a new way of thinking smart watches. The price of the watch is expected to be about 15,000 to 35,000 U.S. dollars. Although it exceeds the market price of most smart watches, it may not be an unimaginable figure for mechanical watch lovers.
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