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What are the smart bracelets within 100 RMB?

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          Who said bracelets are expensive?

          Smart bracelet market in the end how much water, from a few thousand dollars to tens of dollars, see the foggy, many people are in a wait-and-see attitude, however, who said bracelet is expensive? 

          This recommended 100 yuan smart bracelet, perhaps we have heard that these bracelet features are roughly the same, but each has its own characteristics, may wish to look down which is more suitable for themselves.

          1, Mi band 79 RMB
MI band
          No matter what Xiaomi to do, cell phone Ye Hao Tablet worth mentioning, and even move the power, do one to muddy a field. Before Mi band came in, the hand ring industry is almost profiteering industry, Huaqiang North speculation down the dealer put the bracelet a few dollars a little under the package, selling hundreds of thousands of dollars, and sales are not bad, so that other companies look into the red. So, a friend told me that do not know what products to do, just follow the Xiaomi, never hungry.
Looking ahead, hand ring prices are basically 100 yuan, and Mi band in the publicity and product quality and supply chain integration, is completely a peerless master, 79 dollars and profits, one can imagine.

          If you just want to experience the role of bracelets to monitor their own health and the like, a Mi band is sufficient (support Andrews and Apple two ecosystems, can be assured of use)

          2, Bong Ⅱ 99 RMB
bong II

          In contrast, bong2 bracelet colors in the hundred dollars up, giving the impression that it is refreshing.

          3, F10 90 RMB
F10 heart rate smart bracelet
          F10 heart rate smart bracelet is a collection of static heart rate monitoring and real-time heart rate monitoring in one of the smart bracelet. 0.87 inch OLED display. Working hours up to 15 days, standby time up to 30 days. Standard version of the waterproof rating up to IP67, advanced version can reach IP68. This bracelet is currently a metal body, different from other plastic material smart bracelet on the market. For now, this bracelet is the best price bracelet.

          4, S6A 90 RMB
S6A heart rate smart bracelet
          S6A heart rate smart bracelet's functions the same as F10. The appearance of this smart bracelet looks to a lot of high-end, because the shell material using aviation aluminum, high-gloss edge. After wearing it even more grade. 0.66 inch OLED display. Working hours up to 15 days, standby time up to 30 days. This smart bracelet is currently waterproof IP67 (waterproof life, does not support swimming wear).

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