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From the mobile phone independent work smart watch 3.0 era can comeback?

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          Watch really "smart" can comeback it?
          If the smart watch can really leave the phone to become an independent smart device, will not let you heart? With smart wear into the consumer market into the fourth year, smart watches also entered the 3.0 era, and "low-key" to a revolutionary upgrade. Earlier, Apple launched Apple Watch 3, recently, Samsung, Huawei has also released a new smart watch, which is the biggest new upgrade is the use of eSim technology - that is, in the case of leaving the phone, smart watches can call, WeChat , Send text messages, listen to music, compared to the first two generations of products, can be described as a larger replacement. On the other hand, the surface of the pixel to enhance the waterproof performance and the depth of implantation of health data with the health, but also gradually let the young consumer groups used to record physical training on the daily wear.
smart watches
          Smart watch market gradually subdivided.
          In fact, the smart watch market performance is not optimistic about the past two years, weak sales, part of the brand exit. Into the 3.0 era, gradually mature smart watch can once again detonated a new round of intelligent equipment growth?
          Use eSim card technology to "leave" the phone to work independently
          While we look to the phone's "full screen" upgrade, the smart watch "quietly" into the 3.0 era. As early as September this year, Apple launched the support of the cellular network Apple Watch series 3, that is able to "out of" mobile phone independent use. Recently, Huawei released its high-end models mate 10 series phone at the same time, launched a smart watch HUAWEI WATCH 2, the same can be a separate call. In fact, whether it is iOS or Andrews a new generation of smart phones can support the cellular network are using eSim card technology, and earlier virtual Sim card service is similar to the simple, that is, smart watches with embedded SIM card chip technology, no need to set the independent card slot, which is different from the current market is also support the call of children's smart watches, which is the use of traditional card design - the Sim card directly into the watch, and eSim card technology , You do not need to directly on the watch card, just with the smart phone pair, you can achieve support for cellular networks, support communication. Of course, the most obvious advantage of using eSIM card technology is that the thickness of the watch itself does not increase significantly from the previous generation. For example, Apple Watch 3 is only 0.2 mm thicker than the previous generation.
          Smart watch with eSim card is how to leave the phone to work independently? In fact, before use, users still need to watch the first pair with the phone, pairing after the success of the watch can support the cellular network and share a number with the phone. Subsequently, the watch will be able to "leave" the phone. If you go out to run, swim, fitness, even if the phone at home or gym lockers, the hands of smart watches can call at any time, send text messages, send micro letter, listen to music, brush microblogging, the use of App App The In the past are through Bluetooth, WIFI and mobile phone pairing completed, and now, the phone can be obtained through the cellular network a series of content.
Apple watch
          A new generation of smart watches can really leave the smartphone work.
          Reporters found in the experience, just match the success of the watch and mobile phone, leave the phone after a certain distance will be able to see the cell phone appears on the cell grid, then directly on the watch on the WeChat, microblogging, etc., can be smooth Receive and reply; As for a phone call, the watch will shock to remind the user, just click on the watch or through the Bluetooth headset, you can call. However, because it is to support the cellular network, the battery life of smart watches is also a big test.
          Rely on health, sports, fashion concept to create demand
          In the smart to wear the market the most fiery, the major brands of Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, moto, Sony, Asus, millet and so are competing to join them. After the first two years of explosive growth, the market has encountered a bottleneck. Last year, smart watch business Pebble announced the closure, software, firmware and patent package to sell to another smart wear company Fitbit. ASUS, moto, Microsoft and other smart manufacturers also slowed down the pace of new product replacement. Over the past two years, smart watches in the market more than "bad luck". However, smart watches are still hardware manufacturers as smart phones, the most market potential of one of the intelligent terminal, especially for the personal consumer market, compared to AR / VR and other intelligent wear, smart watches are more powerful popularity The From the current market situation, manufacturers do adopt such a strategy - VR / AR more biased to commercial, for example, now Guangzhou local shopping malls have opened a number of AR / VR game experience museum, and some travel agencies or scenic areas also have AR / VR experience area.
          Consumers are working hard to create demand, such as smart watches and sports brands, to encourage developers to develop more health-related App, so that mobile payment implanted into the smart, the smartphone is not a living necessity, Watch, create a variety of use scenes, so that wearing smart watches become the daily habits of consumers. It is understood that from the second generation of Apple Watch began with the sports brand Nike cooperation version, and Nike's official App depth of cooperation, the daily sports data will be on the App, the background will be based on individual circumstances and set the movement program The Came to the third generation, in the WatchOS 4 system and hardware, from the past simply to detect heart rate, and now according to the collected heart rate data for individuals to provide a more detailed test report. Samsung's new Gear Sport smart watch has reached a depth of 50 meters, built-in GPS sensor, suitable for outdoor exercise users, and can be synchronized offline streaming media Spotify music.
          In addition, the fashion cooperation is also the direction of manufacturers adhere to, in addition to the introduction of different styles, the color of the strap, the more big and cooperation, so as to attract the pursuit of personalized young consumer groups. It is understood that Huawei's new smart watch, there is a cooperation with the Porsche models, all black watch implanted Porsche Design iconic red, the outer band with Italian leather, the inner layer is soft material, breathable sweat. Unlike the Pro version of the watch style, the Porsche dial design from the brand racing dashboard, touch screen can activate the chronograph, with the bezel scale, fast read speed. Of course, the price is higher than the ordinary version of the smart watch.
          Consumers are also sensitive to the pursuit of cost-effective intelligence
          Experienced nearly four years of market cultivation, consumers face smart watches, smart hand ring increasingly rational, not the original swarm "early adopters", which is why one or two years old, smart watch market "weak" one of the reasons. Using eSim card technology, and joined with the health, sports in-depth integration of smart watches can once again "circle" the hearts of consumers? With more than a year smart bracelet of the public, said Miss Chen, less than 100 yuan smart bracelet has been able to meet their daily needs, "just for the step can be, and do not need to buy more than two thousand yuan, or even three thousand Multiple smart watches ". She told reporters, will choose to upgrade, but also to see whether the latest smart watch is really smart and easy to use.
          Of course, the market is also no lack of users on the smart watch is very keen, especially sports, fitness and technical control. Insiders admitted that from the current consumer groups, the attitude of intelligent wear can be divided into two categories, one is often wear smart watches, and the need for a number of features, with the words of users, "is the best one Taiwan smart phone directly worn on the hand "; a class is a motion detection needs, but the price is more sensitive, simply put on cost-effective users.
With the development of the industry, intelligent wearable products are gradually broken down, such as Apple, Huawei, Samsung and other main push in the high-end smart watches, priced at more than a thousand dollars, the hardware standard is a color screen, support touch, with waterproof performance , The latest generation to support the new pricing of cellular networks in most of more than 450 USD.
          As with many consumer electronics, the price is still one of the consumer-sensitive factors, although the high-end smart watches in appearance, or function are far more than parity smart bracelet, but not all consumers have "strong" Of the movement needs. Many consumers are in order to early adopters, after all, different from the money to upgrade smart phones, but for performance improvement, but for the appearance of change. But the smart watch the first two generations of products, screen resolution, waterproof performance, but in general, are to see the time, measure the number of steps, measured a heart rate, etc., so came to 3.0, No really for its performance and enhance the "pay", worth the wait.

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