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STMicroelectronics releases water-resistant MEMS pressure sensor

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          Recently, STMicroelectronics has released the latest micro-pressure sensor, the underwater measurement accuracy to a new level. It is reported that the new sensor is Samsung for its latest smart bracelet Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro.
water-resistant MEMS pressure sensor
          According to Andrea Onetti, general manager of STMicroelectronics' sensor products, the wearable health tracker is able to improve the level of life intelligence and now has our LPS33HW waterproof pressure sensor, which can further increase the durability of the products required for portable wear. Samsung will use this highest performance pressure sensor for the development of its latest Gear Fit 2 Pro series of smart bracelet, the user will measure the accuracy and durability of this sensor point of praise.
          At present, with the smart watches and wearable health trackers into all aspects of life, users want to further expand the use of equipment, swimming and other sports in the record of sports performance. To support these trends, Samsung's next-generation mobile bracelet Gear Fit 2 Pro provides users with built-in GPS, continuous heart rate tracking and more, as well as greater memory capacity, even if not connected to the phone, can still do a lot of things.
          According to STMicroelectronics, in the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro movement within the bracelet, ST's new waterproof pressure sensor LPS33HW with chemical resistance, anti-chlorine, bromine or salt water and other chemical corrosion, suitable for swimming pool or sea water swimming scene, Also used in the shower or cleaning process used in the soap or detergent.
          And wearing equipment into the swimming exercise is just just test the water, waterproof pressure sensor is far more than the challenges facing the protection of electronic equipment. STMicroelectronics said, LPS33HW in the current market not only more accurate measurement, because soon after the line can be restored to the highest accuracy, it also helps OEM manufacturers quickly distribution. Other brands of sensors off the assembly line up to seven weeks to return to the highest accuracy, but the use of LPS33HW equipment will reduce the recovery time more than half, thanks to the sensor built-in high-performance processor and advanced waterproof glue formula.
          In addition to intelligent consumer electronics products, industrial sensors, energy meters and other equipment also benefit from the LPS33HW durability and measurement accuracy. According to STMicroelectronics, this 10 bar waterproof pressure sensor can withstand 90 meters of water pressure, and RMS pressure noise is only 0.008mbar, which allows altimeter, depth meter, weather monitor can provide consistent and stable measurement results. The sensor drifts less than ± 1mbar per year. When the sensor is soldered to the circuit board online, the measurement accuracy will be affected by a reduction of ± 2mbar, but it will return to normal within 72 hours, much faster than similar waterproof pressure sensors. It is reported that LPS33HW now put into operation, using 3.3mm x 3.3mm x 2.9mm cylindrical metal package, suitable for use with the sealing ring.

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